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9/17/13 5:29 A

There's a Power Yoga option in the fitness tracker here, which might be your best bet for estimating your calorie burn.

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9/16/13 9:53 P

The hot yoga will give you the least accurate calorie burn; the heat does boost your heart rate, but not your calorie burn. Being hot doesn't burn more calories, but it does throw off the math needed to calculate your calorie burn via heart rate.

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9/16/13 9:08 P

just to build on what Coach Jen said- I wear my fitbit ALL the time- I find it to be most accurate for exercise if I'm walking outside. My cardio of choice is the elliptical- every day my fitbit syncs and every day i workout separately i delete the fitbit estimate and enter in my caloric burn from my HRM :) i agree that it won't be accurate for yoga- so if you have an alternate way to measure what you burn, use that instead!

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9/16/13 8:41 P

Thank you!

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9/16/13 5:49 P

Your Fitbit will likely give you some credit for calories burned during your yoga class, but it might not be very accurate. I would just see what it says based on how much you think you're burning, and then you can decide whether or not to log it separately.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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9/16/13 4:42 P


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9/16/13 2:42 P

I sync my fitbit daily for my walks and running (I use the feature where my nutritional tracker reflects my activity). Am starting yoga tonight, and was wondering if I need to log that separately? I know my fitbit won't register it. I'm doing Vinyasa on Mondays and hot Vinyasa on Wednesdays so I know it IS going to be at least a bit of a calorie burn.

So I guess my quesiton is: Do I sync my fitbit and ALSO log yoga?

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