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PAPASNAP Posts: 118
6/26/15 12:28 P

I love my fitbit one it make me walk farther than I would without it emoticon

LITTLEMISSMOUSE SparkPoints: (22,580)
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Posts: 143
6/26/15 10:58 A

I just bought a fitbit flex
I love it.
I like that it synchs to my iPhone and my laptop. I like that it tracks my sleep and has an alarm.
I like that it adds up all my calories I burn throughout the day and the ones that I take in and then finds the difference.
I chose the Fitbit over the Spark tracker because I like the idea of wearing it all the time.

BELLESMOM85 SparkPoints: (41,425)
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Posts: 1,078
6/25/15 3:25 P

I have a Fitbit Flex as well as a SparkPeople Activity Tracker. I prefer my Fitbit. The SPAT battery that came in it was at half battery when I got it. Good thing they "splurge" and send you an extra I guess. My husband or daughter will most likely use the SPAT as it is a pain to return for a refund.

6/25/15 2:42 P

I just got mine 2 weeks ago and the battery that came in it, has already worn out. I have to replace it with the spare that came with the unit. I hope this battery lasts longer . . .

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JUDYWEIGHSIN SparkPoints: (5,873)
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6/25/15 8:41 A

I have both, I prefer the FitBit, but will give the SP Tracker to my daughter.

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (291,667)
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6/20/15 8:11 A


MAZACK SparkPoints: (84,011)
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6/20/15 7:33 A

I got the Spark tracker 6 months ago and didn't actually use it until recently. It was showing red lights from the beginning. A few days ago I finally figured out how to change the battery. Now it is working with green lights. Two days ago I started using the Fitbit Charge HR because I can check my heart-rate easily. and also the sleep tracker. Yesterday I wore both. The Spark on my shoe and the fitbit on my wrist (it is a bracelet). I got more steps on the fitbit because I had it on all the time but not my shoes. Right now the Fitbit is giving me information I need that is not on the Spark. I can see that the Spark tracker would work for most people. I will use both for a while

AHUNTER36 Posts: 169
9/12/14 8:42 A

I love my fitbit. I have the zip and wear it to water aerobics and have absolutely no problem with it. I am on my third battery in a year though, but I do check it frequently during the day so I am personally draining the battery!

BAYLEE_BONFIRE SparkPoints: (13,443)
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Posts: 109
9/12/14 7:29 A


How well has the battery(spark tracker) been working? Lasting at least a year? emoticon

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SOPHINEZ SparkPoints: (34,645)
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Posts: 367
6/26/14 9:10 P

Just got a Fitbit One, I will get back to you on this! I do love my Spark Tracker, but having serious sleep issues

JONEC14333 SparkPoints: (51,459)
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Posts: 547
6/26/14 9:04 P

don't know if this means anything, but I lost my fitbit, but this sparky sticks on better!

SHOOTINGSTAR12 SparkPoints: (30,873)
Fitness Minutes: (9,779)
Posts: 1,351
6/26/14 8:45 P

I lost my tracker this evening working in the yard and I am so upset. I have been out in the yard multiple times looking for it and have had no luck. I think the clip broke on it and that is how I lost it.

4/13/14 10:51 A

I like the Spark- Just got it on Thursday and it has encouraged me to walk those few added steps. If you are only looking to count movements it is perfect.

NARNIA9334 SparkPoints: (26,667)
Fitness Minutes: (4,968)
Posts: 2,604
4/13/14 10:39 A

It took me FOREVER. But I finally decided on a tracker. After reading tons of reviews on different ones. I went with the Spark. This is my fourth day using it. And so far so good. It really is helping me to remember to move! I am more motivated to try and meet my goals.

747MARINE SparkPoints: (34,011)
Fitness Minutes: (30,193)
Posts: 11
4/13/14 8:30 A

I have had the Fitbit Flex since September 2013. I love it. I don't track my food on Fitbit. I track here at Spark. I love the Fitbit for the step counts and the activity level that it keeps track on. As for the issues with the metal it is made out of, I have had no allergic reactions at all. In addition, it does say you can wear in the water, the shower etc, but I take it off in the shower (yes clean my wrist well)) and then place it back on. I have had no issues at all. The cost wasn't crazy, I purchased from eBay at discounted price new. Overall, I like it and have had no issues.

VANECHAN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (160)
Posts: 12
4/13/14 4:24 A

I'm buying a Zip this week but don't have any friend to used it with... Is there a community or something were i can add people to my fitbit app?

TANITHSEH1011 Posts: 217
4/6/14 6:35 P

Additionally for those of you who said you had the Fibit Force or are considering getting one, you may want to look at this.

Just so you know.

TANITHSEH1011 Posts: 217
4/6/14 6:26 P

I personally love my Spark, it saves data for 7 days so if you don't power up your computer for a day or two it's not too bad. I find the lights to be enough for me so I don't care that it has no numbers. I like that it is small and doesn't go on my wrist or anything like that because I can't wear jewellery at work. Most importantly I found the price to be better for what I needed VS. something like the Fibit ones. Hope my input helps you all. emoticon

CSJ522 SparkPoints: (22,402)
Fitness Minutes: (33,889)
Posts: 245
4/6/14 6:10 P

I have the Fitbit Force and love it. It shows results on the arm band in numbers. It vibrates when I make my goals for the day. There is an alarm clock to wake you up. It syncs with my computer and my smart phone. I can keep track of my food intake on the phone or on the computer. Another feature I like is that it tracks your sleep patterns. This helped me quite a bit with realizing how little I was getting quality sleep. And it syncs with sparkpeople.

Super fun and easy! I have definitely increased my movement since buying it. It lasts about a week on the battery.

NEWLITTLE1 Posts: 795
4/6/14 1:23 P

I've been looking at the different trackers. Been tossing idea of either spark or the new garmon one.

NARNIA9334 SparkPoints: (26,667)
Fitness Minutes: (4,968)
Posts: 2,604
4/6/14 12:26 P

I guess really maybe that feature isn't important to me to track the different activities since I don't do the bicycling and elliptical. I do more hiking, walking, aerobics, and light weight training. hmm more to think about.

GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,944)
Fitness Minutes: (72,557)
Posts: 45,743
4/6/14 12:19 P

I just use the FitBit for walking, and track other exercises manually, because the interface isn't great for changing minutes of activity from walking to something more intense... it's always totally screwed things up for me. So if you are really big into doing elliptical or biking, the SP tracker might be better for you...

NARNIA9334 SparkPoints: (26,667)
Fitness Minutes: (4,968)
Posts: 2,604
4/6/14 12:16 P

The Flex can sync with my phone and computer so that should be good if I want to check the calories. I work at the computer a lot so that is ok. The Force they have stopped selling and have done a voluntary recall because of skin irritation.

Although I don't really need the sleep tracker because I already know its messed up ha ha. But I could use the feature that wakes you up since this is a problem sometimes for me. I like that the zip straps to my wrist so I wont lose it.

I'm wondering if I can better tracking with the Spark since it can tell which activity I'm doing?

GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,944)
Fitness Minutes: (72,557)
Posts: 45,743
4/6/14 11:47 A

As far as I know the Flex works with lights-only like the SP tracker. If that is fine for you, go for it! (The new bracelet, the Force, has numbers).

I don't need the sleep tracker and do like the numbers display, so the Zip is perfect for me.

NARNIA9334 SparkPoints: (26,667)
Fitness Minutes: (4,968)
Posts: 2,604
4/6/14 11:36 A

Thanks for your 2 Cents GYPSYGOTH. So far I am leaning toward the fitbit flex.

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GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,944)
Fitness Minutes: (72,557)
Posts: 45,743
4/6/14 11:33 A

I have a Fitbit Zip and can tell you what I prefer about it vs. the research I have done on the Spark one:

-The sync function for Sparkpeople tracker supposedly only goes back 4 days or so.This is not cool for me as I am occasionally away from the computer where I have to sync for at least a week. The Zip goes back at least a full week, I think up to 10 or 11 days...

-The display on the Zip includes time, estimated calories burned, steps, and miles, all in numbers. I like this MUCH better than just lights.

-The FitBit comes in fun colors. Mine is hot pink; they just released a purple one. This makes me weirdly happy.

Just my 2 cents!

NARNIA9334 SparkPoints: (26,667)
Fitness Minutes: (4,968)
Posts: 2,604
4/5/14 5:09 P

I too am looking to buy one or the other. I'm just not sure. oh what to do what to do?

10/20/13 6:17 A

I have a fitbit one and I love it. It has a display on the front so you can see how many steps you have done without needing to be on a computer. I found this very useful as it is my goal to do 10,000 steps every day in 2013 (I am on day 293 of my streak - woohoo!) and I wouldn't have been able to ensure this as I have been on holiday twice this year without my computer so I wouldn't have known my step count. The fitbit also has a sleep tracker which is very useful for finding out how long it takes you to get to sleep as well as identifying patterns such as waking in the night. To be completely honest though, this feature is great at the beginning, but once you have the insights, you have them. Although I still do track my sleep on the fitbit I rarely look at the report of it on the website. Another good aspect is the activity tracker. It is a sort of timer function on the fitbit where you start it off, do your exercise, and then it will tell you how many steps you have taken in that segment, how many miles you have travelled and how many calories you have burnt. I don't know for sure, but the Spark one doesn't seem to have this feature.

The fitbit syncs with sparkpeople so you can press a button on your spark fitness page and it pulls the fitness data from your fitbit. It also syncs the other way around with your nutrition tracker - the food you enter onto sparkpeople is sent over to fitbit which I find great as I couldn't get on with the nutrition tracker on the fitbit page. The one on here is much more user friendly. The community on Spark is much better too in my opinion, but I still use both as and I don't have to enter any information twice.

One bonus to the spark one when compared to the fitbit one is that the spark device seems to have a level of waterproof capabilities. The fitbit one doesn't have this at all so you have to take care to not get it wet. There are other models (like the fitbit zip) that is supposed to offer a level of waterproof ability, but you sacrifice some other features for this. You can friend people on the fitbit site though and it ranks your number of weekly steps against your friends and it messages you when you overtake people. This is great for my competitive streak!

Overall, I highly recommend my fitbit. I have never used the spark one so in saying this I am not damning the spark tracker, but a device that encourages you to be more active is awesome! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, I'd be happy to help you further.

PENNYPEARLS Posts: 1,434
10/18/13 2:51 P

There is a team for fitbit users. They would be able to answer questions for you about the fitbit. I love my Fitbit Zip.

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DUBGIRL418 SparkPoints: (54,076)
Fitness Minutes: (3,475)
Posts: 5,461
10/17/13 9:31 P

Is anyone able to tell me which gadget would be better, the Spark or Fitbit? Why? I'm looking to buy one of these. Thanks!

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