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JUDYGIRL72501 Posts: 111
2/27/13 3:19 P

I just got fitbit one about 3 days ago and I LOVE IT!!!! it tells me how many steps i've taken, how many stairs i've climbed, etc. it syncs with sparkpeople and I love that too!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/27/13 12:54 P

I am going to give you a wishy washy answer and then tell you how it works for me.

You can also run a search for fitbit and check out the numerous postings, but i have no issues telling you. There are also sparkteams that are dedicated and FB has a group as well.

Now it is a pedometer for the most part that has several other bells and whistles. It can help determine sleep patterns, stairs climbed, calories burned (these are all day not just what you burn when you exercise) and you can grow a pretty flower with up to 10 petals for duration and intensity of exercise.
The One is small. i hook it to my bra, but you can put it on your pants or tshirt as well.

"could this help me make sure I know how many I need to meet a daily goal? "
This is where the answer gets wishy washy. I don't know what motivates you. Personally I like earning my petals. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I earn up to my 10 petals. I also use the fitbit website and it tells me things like I climbed the tallest pencil, giraffe, or eiffel tower. Just a cute side note.

the Fitbits also link to SP, so that was a plus as well

Is it pricey? Depends on what you consider pricey. It's about $100. I thought it was worth it and have not been parted from it since i got it. Now I have the ultra and when it breaks or stops functioning, I am looking into the flex or One.

Is it worth having? For me, yes. It is not to far off from the estimates that SP uses, so i find it very worth it.

Hope this helps and if you have time, check some of the other postings. They are all over this board.


PKTRUCKDRIVER SparkPoints: (2,491)
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2/27/13 12:36 P

Okay what is this thing AND HOW CAN IT HELP ME?

I have sticky keys , old laptop, sorry, but back to the question.

I am over 400lbs, how exactly can it help me, also do I need to be a geek to use it?

As a trucker getting the required amount of walking maybe hard to do, could this help me make sure I know how many I need to meet a daily goal?

Is it pricey? And is it worth having , y'all's opinion's please

thank you


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