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JUDY317 Posts: 7
5/18/13 1:04 P

Does anyone know if the Fitbit Flex tracks more than one thing at a time, e.g. steps and calories?

JONEC14333 SparkPoints: (51,629)
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Posts: 548
5/10/13 3:38 P

cool info! thanks all!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/10/13 1:11 P

its an estimated base. it does guage fast movement though. I use a rebounder and it doesn't do very well on that. Jumping up and down causes my mile calculator to over inflate. But it does better with stepping in place on the rebounder than the regular floor.

Just not convinced how they made the wrist unit not to overinflate movements

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/10/13 11:31 A

Does the FitBit somehow determine how many calories you are actually burning (calculating heartrate, muscle mass, etc), or is it more of an estimate based on weight, height, and distance the device has traveled? If it's essentially a calculator, does it do something different that SP does with their fitness calculations?

CUDA440 SparkPoints: (87,055)
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5/10/13 11:03 A

a friend bought the other clip on version around christmas and said she found that she is burning a LOT more during the day than she thought she was, and in turn needed to eat more to help lose weight. She loves it.
I read the flex is just starting to ship out this week.


PATTYGRAN Posts: 411
5/10/13 9:25 A

I agree it takes effort but I love my Fitbit. I started with just trying for 5000 steps a day and now I make sure I get 15,000. I am on my elliptical or taking a walk around the block in the evenings if I'm short. I think if we exercise we think we've done our work, but having the Fitbit makes me realize that workouts alone aren't enough, you have to keep moving. Best of luck to you.

YECATS5995 SparkPoints: (23,986)
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5/10/13 2:00 A

Just read a really great review on the flex from yahoo. It looks like it just came out so the reviews from regular users will probably just start rolling in. I've never had a tracker, but I am interested. how do they work if you are on a treadmill/eliptical?

5/3/13 7:04 P

I love my fitbit. I find it motivating to try and get more steps in, go farther, earn my activity points. I used the sleep monitoring section in the beginning, and discovered I was waking up several times a night.

STEPBYSTEP_ Posts: 777
5/3/13 1:42 A

I haven't seen it yet; looked at the fitbit website yesterday but only saw the other ones ... let us know if you do buy it!

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,461
5/2/13 10:50 P

It's worth remembering that a FitBit is only a measuring device.

And measuring something doesn't actually burn any more calories. To do that, you actually need to MOVE more. And that takes hard work and actually doing something.

Personally, I'd rather spend my money on something that actually helps me achieve this, such as a new pair of running shoes, or a set of dumbbells.

That said, some people do find seeing the numbers to be motivating, and this may help them to work out more, but it still does take actual effort.


DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/2/13 6:01 P

I wasn't aware the Flex was out yet. I am going to look into as soon as my fitbit Ultra breaks. We are inseparable. i love my little workout buddy.

As far as getting one? First determine why you want one? What do you want to track? Are you really going to use it if you do buy it?
For me-- I wanted a better step counter. I also liked the website. I like the little messages I get when I put it down for a few minutes and pick it up. I like the fact that it is tiny and clips well to my bra. The flex will be worn as a bracelet or watch.
Is fitbit worth it?-- yes. i think it is. It keeps me going.

SLIMSUMDAY SparkPoints: (35)
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5/2/13 11:35 A

Hey All, Does anyone have a Fitbit Flex? I was originally looking at the Fitbit One but the ad for the flex caught my attention. Should I be considering this or does anyone have any other suggestions?

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