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You may want to post this on the FitBit SparkTeam. However, while you are burning more calories than you would sitting down, you want to only count your 'formal' exercise activities in your SparkPeople Fitness Tracker. The reason, SparkPeople uses an active daily living multiplier for any activity outside formal exercise, so if you track active daily living activities in your fitness tracker, you may be hyper-inflating your calories burn figure, which could slow your progress down over time.

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I've had my FitBit for a few months now, and I'm still not sure about the best way to track my activites outside of walking.

For example, I'm in the process of moving right now, so I'm doing a lot of lifting and carrying heavy boxes, furniture, etc. up and down stairs. The FitBit on it's own can't really count that, so I tried logging the activity in FitBit first. I went and checked on SparkPeople, and my calories burned from the FitBit entry went down. I also didn't see my calories burned in FitBit increase, like on the dashboard page. Thinking I was imagining things, I removed the activity from FitBit and my calories burned in SparkPeople went up. Bizarre.

I then went and logged the same activity (moving boxes) into SparkPeople, and my calories burned there went up, but no change in FitBit. I guess it SparkPeople doesn't sync activities to FitBit?

So, what do you do to get non-walking activities logged in both SparkPeople and FitBit? Do I have to do it twice, once in each system?

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