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BE-THE-CHANGE Posts: 15,864
5/28/13 10:12 P

I am not wearing mine. It is a hard bracelet and my wrist is large. I was chafing under it. You can turn off the buzzing but the sleep was off for me too.

KATIGIE Posts: 229
5/27/13 4:02 P

Thanks! I love the idea of it, but...

5/27/13 1:34 P

Sent it back. It kept vibrating every 15 min during the day and sleep was not correct. They were great trying to get the problem fixed but nothing helped. Ordered the FitBit Flex....hope it works!

KATIGIE Posts: 229
5/27/13 1:22 P

I'm thinking of ordering the Up bracelet this week--do you still like it?

BE-THE-CHANGE Posts: 15,864
5/5/13 10:39 A

The UP app is free. It doesn't communicate with SparkPeople right now, but I am hoping that is coming since they just bought BodyMedia and that already connects with SP.

I do wish I could see my steps without having to take off by Jawbone and sync it with my phone, but there is no way I am losing this one!

MICHZS Posts: 759
5/5/13 12:08 A

no charge for the UP app....just sign in and go! I really like mine a lot!

5/4/13 3:13 P

Wow, must have just come out. If you get one let me know how it works emoticon

TAMRALYNN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 30
5/4/13 1:17 P and some BB stores carry the FitBit Flex right now.

5/4/13 11:17 A

Flex has not been released yet, I am thinking it will probably have bugs to be worked out. I got the fitbit one, am taking it back; like the jawbone better...even with it's issues. You can talk to a person at jawbone vs just email at fitbit.

TAMRALYNN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (30)
Posts: 30
5/4/13 10:34 A

I'm wondering about the FitBit Flex vs the UP. I'm leaning towards the FitBit Flex as it doesn't require a monthly cost or a fee for syncing with MyFitnessPal or SparksPeople. I've read that there is a $34.99 charge with the UP to communicate with other apps. Anyone know for sure?

BE-THE-CHANGE Posts: 15,864
5/3/13 6:55 P

Just got my Jawbone. So far so good - easy to set up. I am looking forward to seeing how it works.

5/3/13 6:20 P

Have had a couple of issues with my jawbone but customer service got right back with me and is replacing it and sending me a prepaid mailer to return the original one. I tried the fitbit one, did not like the way it worked & customer service was impossible to reach!
It will be nice if jawbone will link to SparksPeople...hope they don't charge a fee

5/3/13 6:19 P

Have had a couple of issues with my jawbone but customer service got right back with me and is replacing it and sending me a prepaid mailer to return the original one. I tried the fitbit one, did not like the way it worked & customer service was impossible to reach!
It will be nice if jawbone will link to SparksPeople...hope they don't charge a fee

MICHZS Posts: 759
5/1/13 9:30 A

That is very interesting! So far I have only had my jawbone UP for about 3 weeks but I like it a lot. It is different than my Body Bugg and in some ways I liked the data that I got from my Body Bugg better...BUT - the Jawbone UP is more attractive to wear and does the job of tracking steps taken and calories burned. I use SP to track calories eaten so now I have all the tools I need!

BE-THE-CHANGE Posts: 15,864
4/30/13 8:23 P

Just read today that Jawbone bought Body Media. Maybe syncing with Spark will become available!

BABNURSE SparkPoints: (41,305)
Fitness Minutes: (45,577)
Posts: 602
4/29/13 9:00 P

Love my fitbit one and Aria scale. I wear my fitbit one on my bra feels more secure than on my pant waistband.

BE-THE-CHANGE Posts: 15,864
4/29/13 7:34 P

I am thinking about buying the Jawbone. I had the Fitbit Zip first and it fell off. Then I got the One. It has a longer clip so it did not fall off my waistband, but it did pop right out of the holder and I lost it too. I would get the Flex but there is no information about when it is coming out and I really miss tracking my sleep.

BTW - the One syncs nicely for fitness but I find the food doesn't work as well. I have had duplications of items I entered in SP as well as not having all of them come over. If you really want that feature to work well, you might think twice about getting it.

MICHZS Posts: 759
4/16/13 9:29 P

I have only had the Jawbone Up for a little less than a week and I like the fact that's it's a bracelet - much more attractive than the body bugg. I am still learning how to use it. It seems to only measure my calorie burn during the "awake" mode so tonight I am trying to leave it in the awake mode instead of turning on the sleep tracking function. I'll let you know what happens in the morning!

emoticon emoticon

HAWAII5YEARS SparkPoints: (61,471)
Fitness Minutes: (103,831)
Posts: 989
4/16/13 8:20 P

I've had my FitBit Zip since November. I bought the Zip because it was cheaper and sleep isn't that much of an issue for me. I love the little guy. The Zip is small, and quiet unlike some older pedometers. It syncs automatically to SP and the app on my Galaxy S3 phone. Best of all, it clips to my bra securely--no more dropping the pedometer off my waistband onto the nasty bathroom floor!
Oh and the website is totally free to use--no monthly charges.

MICHZS Posts: 759
4/16/13 7:55 P

I just got my Jawbone Up and I like it so far!!

MATCHA Posts: 1,328
4/10/13 8:43 P

I love my Fit Bit! Buy a cheap pedometer leash (6 for $3.95 on Amazon) and it will stay secure. I flushed my first one before discovering leashes. emoticon

My FitBit really motivates me to add extra steps. I am even walking 1/2 marathons now!

4/10/13 6:02 P

Have you decided which one you like better? I got a jawbone a week ago since the fitbit flex has not been released yet, and jawbone came out with an android app. So far it has worked fine except my alarm has not gone off the past two mornings....that could be user error, I will have to check.

HEALTHYGAL01 Posts: 3,499
2/8/13 6:04 P

My husband bought me the Up (I tried hard to be excited but I wanted the fitbit). He based the purchase on an Amazon review from some guy who lost his fitbit I got used to wearing the bracelet but I don't particularly like it when I am dressed up and the bright turquoise band conflicts with my carefully selected outfit. My other less than favored attribute is that you can only see your steps IF you synch to the phone. I would love to have a read out to see how far I've gone since that would spur me to try to go a little longer - it is hard to get 10,000 steps but I don't know where I am toward the goal until after I get my phone out. .Other than that it works well - haven't figured out how to set the alarm. My sleep readings are interesting (if I remember to press the button to tell it I am going to bed), I knew I wasn't a great sleeper and now I can see where I wake up at night.

NYARAMULA Posts: 23,325
2/8/13 12:42 A

I have had a fit bit for about two months now and I love it. I am actually addicted to it!

SASSY99_7 SparkPoints: (15,146)
Fitness Minutes: (42,743)
Posts: 36
2/8/13 12:26 A

Just got my Fitbit in the mail today, SUPER EXCITED!!!!!

CHRIS2365 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (24,849)
Posts: 5,275
2/7/13 11:43 A

I think you'll love the FitBit - I adore mine. I even have the Aria scale that syncs right to the FitBit site.

I wear my FitBit on the belt of my pants (or in the pocket), then at night I wear it on the neckline of my pajamas.

Awesome tool.

SASSY99_7 SparkPoints: (15,146)
Fitness Minutes: (42,743)
Posts: 36
2/6/13 7:47 A

Hey Callalis I was just wondering which one you decided to go with?? The Jawbone Up or FitBit?

CALLALIS Posts: 730
1/28/13 5:32 P

Thanks, everyone! I am off to pick up a FitBit one now.

I ordered the Jawbone Up over the weekend, so I might test them both out for a day before returning one.

REYNINGSUNSHINE SparkPoints: (20,387)
Fitness Minutes: (41,738)
Posts: 523
1/28/13 1:57 P

There are two products now! One is the fitbit (one or zip) for $100 or $50 with no additional charge. You put it in your pocket or clip it to your bra or belt and it counts steps and flights climbed to get a calorie burn and activity minutes. The other is a Bodymedia fit, which comes in link or Core, for about $50 more (and a fee of $7/mo to use the website to sync), which has more advanced monitors to monitor steps and METs to get activity minutes and calories burned

Both monitor sleep as well, which is pretty cool.

1/28/13 1:52 P

I have the Fitbit One and no, it doesn't fall off. (When I first got it I jokingly wanted to go on the Fitibit message boards and ask if it was possible for me to have the Fitbit surgically implanted.) The device itself fits into a nice silicone holder with a clip on it. The holder and the clip are really snug. I wear mine on my bra. I was afraid it would show through sweaters, but it doesn't. It doesn't move at all. When I pull it off my bra, it takes a little work to get it off. It really holds well. And it comes with a wrist band for wearing it at night while you track your sleep.

MSU_GAL, the Fitbit One is a pedometer/altimeter/sleep tracker that interfaces with an on-line application and syncs with Spark People. It's great! I love it. Since I got it I am driven to exercise more and more, trying to get those numbers up. It gives me little motivational messages like "Vamose, Carrie" or "Hold Me, Carrie" which make me smile. The food you track on Spark people "flows over" to Fitbit, so Fitbit knows what you ate and compares the calories to the number of calories you're burning. It has all kinds of great features and is easy to use for people who aren't real technical, like me. It has one button. Simple and beautiful. I highly recommend it.

MSU_GAL Posts: 885
1/28/13 1:37 P

wait, what's this? there's a product that syncs with Sparkpeople? Where have I been? I'm interested in hearing more

REYNINGSUNSHINE SparkPoints: (20,387)
Fitness Minutes: (41,738)
Posts: 523
1/28/13 1:36 P

I've heard that there are a LOT of issues with the Jawbone- like the software it comes with is just glitchy and poor.

CALLALIS Posts: 730
1/28/13 1:12 P

I am in the market for a fitness tracker and am having a hard time deciding between the FitBit One and Jawbone up. Specifically, I'd like to hear personal feedback on the FitBit interface and the clip. Does it fall off?

Thanks for any and all feedback provided!

Here is what I have so far:

-Syncs with Sparkpeople
-Syncs automatically (doesn't need to be plugged into phone to upload info to app)
-Clip makes me nervous. I feel as if it will fall off or be annoying.
-Android and Apple apps and online tracking.

-Bracelet won't be lost.
-Alarm wakes you up at the right time during your sleep cycle.
-I hear that its interface with the Apple app is much better than FitBit's, but haven't seen anything.
-Apple-only APP (Android has been in the works since the fall, but no ETA)
-$50 more expensive
-Needs to be plugged into phone to update data.

Sources for anyone else in the market:,2817,241

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