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1/9/13 2:26 P

As mentioned, there is a calorie burn per five minutes chart on your fitbit dashboard. In your case, you will be more interested in the color coded spiked--they represent the four different activity levels that fitbit will class each minute as. Gray is sedentary, teal is lightly active, yellow is fairly active and red is very active. Look and see if your running time is red, and your walking either yellow or red. The spikes will be higher or lower depending on intensity. The fitbit tracked intensity is mainly about how fast you are moving. I believe this would apply to the Zip, even though I have an "ultra".

You might even be able to see the specifics of your activity. This would be a little extra work for a zip user, and I am not sure if it would work since I do not have a zip. (I expect it would because I doubt the fitbit web accounts are really that different).
1--Go to your fitbit activity log, choose the option "activity record" (it is under "Today" and next to "browse")
2--If this works it will give you a form to fill out the activity name, start time and end time. Enter that information.
3--This should generate a record of whatever the fitbit tracked at that time--just like the record an Ultra or One user would see from using the timer button. I mainly use this if I fogot to use the timer and want to see the stats for a specific activity for some reason. I am not sure whether there is a difference in the sensitivity between the Zip and the higher end models (there may be from what I've read).

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1/9/13 9:10 A

On the fitbit site, there is a graph that show the intensity. As you earn petals on your fitbit (I love my little petals), your intensity will spike. I do my HIIT workouts and the intensity drives up. I think it is using those spikes in intensity. So even though it may not know you are running, I knows that there is an intensity spike since the steps are coming much closer together.

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1/8/13 9:15 P

I have the the fitbit zip. I did a work out video today and took it off for that then put it back one and logged my workout. thanks for the help!

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1/8/13 9:18 A

which Fit Bit do you have? The basic one only tracks steps and therefore calories are a track of your general calories burned during the day and associated with walking. As far as I know it does not take into account the difference between walking/running unless it counts calories by the pace at which your steps are accumulated. I'd have to look more into that.

If you are doing something besides walking/running to exercise, like lifting weights, yoga, etc. it will not track that. You would have to enter that manually.

I wear my fitbit 24/7 except when sleeping and I sync it, then manually enter additional workouts like videos I do. If I walk on the treadmill or something that will be incorporated into the tracking fitbit does, I do not add it to my fitness tracker.

Hope that helps!

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1/8/13 9:01 A


I am not familiar with how the fitbit tracks your workouts, but you may want to join the fitbit SparkTeam and see if anyone else has any suggestions.

Coach Nancy

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1/8/13 12:28 A

I do not track my fitness separate from my Fitbit entry unless I am not wearing it.

I will add 60 mins once a week for my PT session since we are lifting and not doing activities that involve stepping, however, I put the calories burned at 1

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1/7/13 11:54 P

I wear my fit it 24/7 and sync it up to sparkpeople. I leave it at whatever the fit it logs, even if I did a workout for the day. You could probably not sync your fit bit and manually enter your workouts, if you prefer. I gotta say that I loooove that fit and sparkpeople are working together!

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1/7/13 10:51 P

Hi all trying to figure out how to log work outs with fit bit, does fitbit know I am running? for example I ran this morning and it showed I had 4500 steps when I got home, then I worked all day as a rn then walked the dog tonight my total steps were 15959. do I still chart my calories burned for my running portion ? the tread mill said I burned 230 cal. Or should I just count my steps. the fit bit web sight said i was in a 622 cal deficit. so sorry me and tech things are the best of friends.

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