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8/24/13 3:44 P

You all have been very helpful thanks so much. It allows me to understand how this works better.

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8/24/13 3:24 P

The "calories burned" is ALL calories; your exercise plus the calories your body burns just by being alive :) I assume it makes adjustments to your resting calorie burn based on your current weight and lifestyle, but I'm not sure.

LOTUS737 Posts: 4,645
8/24/13 11:30 A

I don't know re sleep mode, but it does estimate your caloric burn throughout the day- it does base it off your bmr as far as I know- that's not unusual. So I wouldn't worry about that. I do think it over or underestimates caloric burn for working out, so I use a HRM for that. I DO find it is accurate if your exercise of the day is walking. Feel free to message me if you have more questions!

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8/24/13 8:24 A

I just got the fit bit and I like it but somehow I think it over calculates calories burned as it showed 592 calories burned when I woke up. It also came out of sleep mode on its own and didn't record my sleep pattern the first night. Overall the app is great and to me it's motivational in that I know it measures activity but I'm a bit skeptical as to its accuracy. Anyone else have problems with calories inflated and/or sleep mode not working?

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