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4/6/13 12:35 A

I came upon this recipe in a magazine, I believe. Cucumber stuffed with tuna, topped with tomato. 1) Cut the cucumber into 2 inch chunks. You can cut the peel, leave the peel, or cut it like a "stripe", where you peel one line lengthwise, then leave a line, then peel again and repeat so it's more decorative. Once you do this, take a spoon and spoon out the cucumber from each chunk, leaving a little at the bottom to hold the tuna. Then, put all the cucumber chunks on a paper-towel lined plate to absorb the juice. 2) Prepare tuna. I like using flaked tuna in water (it's healthier than in oil, and flaked is easier to work with for this recipe. If you get solid tuna you have to mash it up a bit; flake it). I use a little bit of mayonaisse and diced celery and a little bit of onion with a bit of salt and pepper. I'm sure you can google different tuna combinations and see a whole bunch more suited to your preferences. Mix the mayonaisse (try adding a little bit at a time. You can always add more), celery, onions, salt, pepper and tuna. (I've even heard of replacing mayonaisse with an avocado but not sure how that'll work in this recipe lol)... 3) spoon tuna mixture into cucumbers. Top with sliced cherry tomato. Bon appetit! (also, have you ever tried sole fish sticks? not bad. good with ketchup.) Also, the longer you cook the fish, the "fishier" it will be.

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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,314
4/4/13 10:00 A

Halibut is a mild fish...and no fish should smell fishy or its just not fresh! With halibut it's easy to make PAELLA a Spanish dish. How about Shrimp Scampi? Check Spark receipes.

Shrimp Kabobs... Mix olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, parsley, and garlic. Place marinade in large freezer bag. Rinse shrimp and add to bag, place in the refrigerator until ready to grill or broil.

Flounder has a mild taste and texture, Striped Bass has a mild sweet flavor, Basa is a type of catfish that has a mild taste, other catfish does not, fresh crab, fresh lobster, mahi-mahi, and Walleye Pike.

If you avoid fatty fish you should be okay because fattier fish tend to have stronger fish tastes.

Easy way to make fish is to take tin foil, lay the fish on it, Pat some olive oil on both sides of fish, add seasonings, wrap lightly and bake until fish flakes....20 to 30 mintues at 350 degrees. Easy Cleanup too!

GLIESE581 Posts: 18
3/2/13 11:02 A

I never thought I would eat a fish taco either, but my kids had them at a friend's BBQ and my 4yo started asking for them at home. At the BBQ, the fish was grilled and left as whole fillets. I flake it so my 2yo can eat it easier and bake it so we can have them now that it is cold. Another usual fish recipe is one my daughter came up with. She loves quesadillas. We use all different kinds of lean meat, cheese and veggies in them. When I asked her what kind of meat she wanted one evening, she said "tuna". My first thought was YUCK!, but I decided to let her try it. She added black olives, yellow bell peppers and colby jack cheese. I never tried it, but she has asked for the same ingredients a few times since then, so apparently she liked it well enough.

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3/1/13 11:45 P

I have seen the posts about Fish tacos and to be honest I would rather eat a piece of Cod baked and seasoned if I am going to eat fish. I am a true believer in beef or beans (or both) for a taco..I never got the whole fish taco thing but that's just my personal preference. I still think smoked fish is wonderful!

GLIESE581 Posts: 18
3/1/13 9:23 P

Fish Tacos are great if you don't want the taste of fish to be overpowering.
I bake my fish according to package directions, then flake it up and add a dash of each garlic powder, chili powder, cumin and cilantro. I don't measure anything so I'm not sure exactly how much I use, but I sprinkle on each as if I were lightly salting the fish. I use whole wheat tortillas and add bell pepper strips-any color, sliced black olives, halved cherry tomatoes, salsa or taco sauce, green onion or anything else you like to put on tacos. By the time you get all the toppings on, you can't taste the fish much. I typically use cod, whiting or pollock. I tend not to eat tilapia because it us usually farmed and doesn't have as much omega 3 as wild fish, check to label for nutrition content, but omega 3 is not always listed.

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3/1/13 1:08 P

I have had some problems with fish...far from a coastal area makes it tough to get. One of my all time favorite ways to eat steel head, salmon or trout is smoked. I love smoked fish and highly recommend it as a "new" way to eat fish.

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3/1/13 3:34 A

Fish that non-fish-eaters tend to like:
- tuna (steak, NOT canned!) - is somewhat sweet, can be prepared rare/seared, and blends very well with a variety of seasonings. Also good sliced on top of a salad or with Asian food.
- mahi mahi - has a dense texture and a pretty mild flavor. A good grilling fish.
- swordfish - a very firm fish, but I don't recommend buying it right now, as it's terribly overfished (and also quite expensive)
- salmon - very healthy; has a rich flavor. Salmon from the Copper River is a particular delicacy, due to its unique flavor.

Speaking of which, REAL salmon -- the coldwater fish from the Pacific northwest (Alaska, Washington or western Canada) -- shouldn't taste fishy. So-called "Atlantic salmon" (a.k.a. farm-raised/Norwegian/Icelandic/most of what is served in restaurants), which often is softer and can have a fishy flavor, isn't actually salmon at all; it's a cheaper farm-raised trout species that is dyed pink. It lacks the flavor and most of the health benefits of salmon (and is also far worse for the environment), so if you're buying salmon, make sure it's Pacific. There are about six varieties; king salmon is the best, IMO, followed by sockeye.

Also, look for a good seafood supplier in your area. Most people I know who dislike fish grew up eating poor-quality fish. I was one of them, until I spent some time in coastal cities and learned how delicious fresh, high-quality fish can be! Keep in mind that not only the species of fish, but the provenance, makes a HUGE difference in flavor. I live in the Midwest, where it's hard to get good seafood; if I want to make salmon or something special, it's worth it to me to order it shipped from the coast rather than eat the frozen, trucked-in stuff we have at the grocery. (Definitely a special-occasion-only food!)

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2/27/13 1:56 P

i don't have a recipe, but what about fish tacos? i think the other ingredients would kind of tone down the fish taste.

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2/27/13 10:56 A

Shrimp are great and easy. They don't get the same fishy taste that lots of fin fish get. You can buy them peeled and cleaned, so less work for you. I just saute them like any other meat in a stir fry or tomato sauce. Shrimp cook really quickly, so keep that in mind.

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2/25/13 3:09 P

Tilapia is one of our favorites. We top it with a sprinkle of lemon or lime juice, a little bit of butter and parsley and bake it until its done. Quick and easy.
Tonight we're having shrimp. A little olive oil, garlic and lemon juice in a pan and sauteed until pink. Very easy, fast and tasty.

GRETAG4 SparkPoints: (5,511)
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2/24/13 10:47 P

You could try this salmon recipe from Sparkrecipes

It is ultra easy and very tasty - you could well become hooked.


SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
2/23/13 9:58 P

Here is my favorite recipe. You can use a mild fish like cod but this is also good with scallops and shrimp !!


1 pound seafood
2/3 cup Panko breadcrumbs
2 tablespoons butter, melted
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
2 garlic cloves, finely minced
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Place seafood in a baking dish you have sprayed with butter Pam

Combine breadcrumbs and remaining ingredients, and sprinkle over seafood.

Bake at 425° for 15 minutes or until seafood is opaque and topping is golden

BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,966
2/23/13 5:38 P

Here is my second favorite recipe:
Pecan or garlic encrusted fish:

Dip any fish in plate 1, flour, salt pepper.
Dip in beaten egg
Dip in finely chopped pecans or garlic. I've even combined the two of these.

Pan fry (in very small amount of olive oil) or bake. If you use chopped garlic, you must take care because it will burn very quickly. Be sure to pan fry on medium heat.

BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,966
2/23/13 5:35 P

Tilapia is the mildest fish I know. The filets are frozen individually sealed and defrost quickly in the refrigerator or under running water (sealed in the pouch they come in).

Here is my favorite recipe:

Prep: Defrost 1 filet per person (or more)
Set out 2 plates and 1 bowl.

1. Plate 1, flour mixed with salt and pepper, I use a heaping tablespoon per filet and throw out what is not used. Is use 1/4 t salt and 1/4 t. pepper. Mix.

2. Bowl 2: 2 eggs, beaten with pepper

3. Plate 3: 2 servings baked potato chips, crushed. I open a slight hole in the bag and smash the chips right in the bag. You could roll them with your rolling pin or pulse in the food processor. Put the crushed chips on plate 3.

Heat a griddle or frying pan. Pour 1 Tablespoon olive oil in the center.

Dip and flip a filet in the flour,
Then dip and flip in the egg
Then dip and flip in the chips.
Place in the greasy spot in the pan and move off to the side.

Repeat with the other filets.

Stay with them. They are thin and cook very quickly. Usually by the time I get all 4 fillets in the pan, the first needs to be flipped. Cook both sides 2 - 3 minutes. Serve with romaine salad with orange sections, steamed vegetable and water with a twist of lemon.

For an alternate cooking method, you could spray a baking sheet and bake for about 5 minutes on each side.

SUMTHINGSPECIAL SparkPoints: (11,608)
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2/23/13 4:47 P

Look - I hate fish - so I feel for you. I grew up ONLY eating fried fish - which was not the best for your health and fortunately, I don't eat fried foods anymore. I forced myself to like fish because of how healthy it is - and I have found I like some fish better than others.

Essentially - try your best to find fish that is mild tasting. Tilapia is one of my all-time favorites as well as mahi mahi. I eat Tilapia at least once a week - and would love to eat it more. I also eat Salmon - but that is one that can definitely taste fishy at times. Sometimes it is absolutely delicious and other times I just can't eat another bite. With tilapia I have rarely had that problem.

Soaking it in lemon juice for a bit before cooking is good for getting rid of some of that fishy taste. After that - I use spices that we commonly use in cooking (but you could also buy some readily prepared spices for fish as well) - essentially we use salt, pepper, garlic, cumin, and curry. How you spice it depends on what spices your family is familiar with - I'm sure tilapia would taste just wonderful just with salt and pepper - it doesn't have to be over-spiced. My youngest often calls it chicken - because it tastes like that for her.

After seasoning - I either cook it on a lower temp on the stove or I put it in the oven. I prefer to bake it in a metal pan because when I have used a glass dish (for some reason) it seems to make the fish a bit more watery. I like mine a bit crisper, I guess.

Hope this helps!

MAKINGHERPROUD SparkPoints: (84,208)
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2/21/13 10:41 P

Okay so hater is a harsh word. I can tolerate it but normally stay away from it. I really can't stand the fishy taste. Plus I can never figure out how to cook it.

I want to start to include fish for dinner maybe once a week. I need suggestions for a mild fish that my family will like (including my 6 yr old daughter) and the tastiest and easiest way to cook it.


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