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8/15/13 7:00 P

Great for you!
It's hard to get back from an illness. I had hyperthyrod over 16 years ago, and just said "f it". now i'm 100 more than I should be or was, can't walk much, much less competivie swim.

so you are doing amazing, from my perspective, cause you are saying "i'm doing it!"

good luck! I wish you as speedy a recovery as your body allows!

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8/15/13 9:02 A

For those who don't remember my other posts, I am returning from months of illness and now have 6-8 months expected before I'm back to my previous fitness level.

I went to aquafit for the first time in months last night. I swear, every time I glanced up at the clock and "this must almost be over" and only 2 minutes had passed. I went slower and less intense than I normally would, but I did okay. I got through it, although I was WIPED at the end, I got through it. I feel pretty good this morning.

I have asthma and under healthy conditions, I occasionally have symptoms with exercise. For now, I'm advised to premedicate with ventolin before I do any "hard" work (be it exercise or yard work etc).

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