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2/5/13 11:07 A

My last post was four days ago....Yikes. See its so easy to get off track... urgh... I didnt eat alot of bad stuff... Its just I really need to stay connected on here. I will keep up with it today and put a reminder that I need to submit my food consumed. Thank you for your words of support however I am beating myself up for not being more proactive on this urgh!!! Must move past and start over. I was three days solid with a 4 day lasp. Must increase that percentage :) emoticon

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1/30/13 12:02 P

Thank you Everyone for all your kind words and your encouragement. I am on Day 3 of my routine. I have completed each day and I have stayed within my Calories. Today is my first work out day. I download the app Couch to 5K app which takes me exacatly where I am physically to beginning a training schedule for working out. I am excited about this. There has been so many changes in my heart and mind. I thank the lord everyday for his blessings and I am finally moving in the direction that I have always wanted to go.Yeah!!!! emoticon Im going to make this happen emoticon One step at a time!!!! emoticon

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1/29/13 7:28 P

I'm sorry for your loss.

Maybe it will make it easier if you don't think of it as putting yourself first. If you aren't the healthiest, best you, you won't be able to do things for others. Also, you need to find a way to bypass excuses. For instance, I'm not a big physical activity person. I can make plans to go to a gym, but the act of having to get in the car and go somewhere lends itself to excuses. I figured out I can leave a little early for work and walk around there. There are three floors and I can use the stairs to intensify my walking a little. I have to go to work so I've just cut out an excuse and once I get there, I figure I'm already here may as well walk.

Good luck on your journey and on your marathon.

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1/29/13 6:07 P

I am sorry about your father, I know how it is to lose a parent and it's awful at any age. Good for you for taking control, I have found that even in the 1 month here, tipping my toes in a bit at a time... I have already made changes in my life and am starting to see results. Time spent at this site is time invested in your health. Drink more water, track your food you eat and explore some of the recipes, and you'll be getting that health headed in the right direction like I am!!! Keep up the good work.

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1/29/13 11:43 A

Thank you so much on your reply. I always put others first..... Well Damn it I am done with that... This is day two still focused. I appreciate your words thank you so much :)

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1/29/13 12:15 A

sorry about ur Dad.

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1/28/13 11:01 P

I'm so sorry to read this about your Dad. I don't know how it feels to lose a parent yet, but it is getting closer every day. I know, just the thought of it, has changed the way I think about, let's say the future. I never was one to think about how life would look like if this or that happened. Now I know, that life will not look the same when both my parents leave this world and it has caused me to think, yes, how do I want to be when my time comes up. For sure, I want to be active, as best I can be, I want to feel energetic and still have all my teeth and you know, all the things that I am now. Right now I am 60, so I don't have many years left to get myself in the condition I want to be.
I to, have never been one to follow through with goals for myself. I actually use the excuse of helping other people out, (ie helping my parents, grandkids, friends) rather than taking the time and effort for myself. I realize, somewhere years ago, I was made to believe, I'm not good enough, hence earning my own approval by being good and doing what "is right" and that is looking after everyone but myself. (Maybe it is the oldest child in the family responsibility, which I am???)
Anyway, I wish I had some good advice to bring to you, but all I can do is say, everything you need to succeed in reaching your goals is all there within you. I know, I have all the answers, read enough, heard enough and seen enough of how it should work. It is just to make the committment to myself and be "selfish" and treat it like fun or even take the aditude as one day at a time and just do it. Pencil it in my day planner or whatever.
It is awesome to have support and it looks like you do with your step daughter involved. For sure I have faith in you, that you will be able realize your dream come true in June.
If there are any hints sent your way on keeping you on track, I sure would appreciate you sending them my way.
Wishing you all your dreams coming true.

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1/28/13 2:13 P

Good Morning, I am in need of losing 93 pounds. I have a very hard time following through on things that have to do with goals for myself. I am whiz at following through for other people. I lost my Dad last Monday and it has made me realize that I need to live with no regrets. Not being able to be a person of my word to myself is one of my biggest regrets. I have never been able to stick to a exercise program or eat better for more than a day. However with a new rekindled spirit and a hope for something better and healthier for myself. I am trying this website as well as a program used on my phone to start me on a gradual work out schedule. My Husbands daughter and I want to Run a marathon together in June. Just a half marathon of 3 to 6 miles. So any comments or suggestion with changing old habits and keeping on track would surely be appreciated....... emoticon

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