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it does ty i'm doing intense work out every other day and then the days inbetween i'm hitting the gym like i did today to do a lil cardo, tris, and abs and inner thigh workouts.

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4/11/11 9:04 A

I found a great SparkPeople article that explains it even better. Here is a link to it:

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4/11/11 9:01 A

Cross training is just doing an activity that works different muscles. If you run, a cross training activity would be to swim or bike.

When you do a hard workout, your muscles go thru a break-down process. This isn't a bad thing, as growth happens in the rebuild and repair period in the 48 hours after. Making your muscles bigger / stronger is your goal.

During their repair process, it helps if you don't stress them again. So we still workout, just doing something different.

Now if you are not doing 'intense' you can continue with that activity. Like going for a walk each evening.

Hope this helps.

4/11/11 7:51 A

Actually the only part of me that is sore is my shoulder for some reason and my thighs which i dont mind, i'm not going to do as a intense workout today as i did yesterday but i do want to focus on my abs areas, my inner thigh and my Triceps. Can u explain what cross training is to me?

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4/10/11 11:35 P

Great job, that sounds like quite the workout!

Just wondering if you could do some cross-training to do tomorrow, to give these particular muscles a day to build and repair what you worked on today. If you aren't used to working out, you may need the break.

See how you feel tomorrow. You have really done a great workout!


Did you stretch out those muscles afterward? It will really help with the soreness.

4/10/11 2:21 P

Okie, so I just got done working out for 35 minutes, I def know why they call it insanity workout, omg I'm so out of shape but I pulled through with a few breaks. I did switch kicks, power jacks, power knee, power jumps, globe jumps, suicide jumps which nearly killed me, push up jacks, low plank oblique.....I'm so out of breath pretty sad, but I feel good that I pulled through it and I'll do it again tomorrow for another 30 minutes. I also throw some push ups in it. I know as I keep doing this everyday its going to get easier and easier....but I'm determined to loss this weight and I'm willing to put up with the pain of intense exercising.


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