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5/25/12 12:09 P

Good job. Don't be upset if you didn't loose too many pounds. Take it easy and build it up so you don't get disenchanted later.

5/18/12 1:32 A

Oh, you are not alone! I have skipped a weekly weigh in for that very reason...and that is ok, because as long as you are changing your eating, exercising and improving your lifestyle you are on target. Remember this is not a race, it is a healthy lifestyle change! It could be a big loss or a little, but you still succeeded. Did you take your measurements? That is another way to measure success. Maybe you need to weigh in monthly? Think about it. And remember the big losses are usually in the beginning, so don't get caught in the trap of thinking it will always be fast.
Good Luck!
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5/17/12 9:22 P

So, tomorrow will be one week since I began adhering to my SparkPeople regimen. I've done really well, exercised every day except Sunday, stayed within my caloric range, drank my water.... Tomorrow should show that I am on my way to achieving my goals. But, I am nervous. I'm afraid that when I step on the scale, either it will not have moved or it will not have moved enough. The thing is, in my mind I know I can't expect a drastic loss. It's only been one week. But, I can feel that I want it to be more than it can be. Anyone else feeling the same way?

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