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1/28/13 8:03 A

Specially since you are doing cardio and strength...
I didn't see much change for a month after starting intense cardio. Give it time!

1/28/13 1:01 A

Gee, you guys are sooo positive! Thanks for posting; this definitely makes me feel better. :)

DOUGLYE Posts: 1,541
1/28/13 12:59 A

Find your motivation.
The scale alone is a fickle motivator (as you just found out). I do not advocate putting the scale away, but I do use it as only ONE of my motivating values.

My suggestions?

1. Give yourself a short term goal. Is a month too hard?
2. Take a pre-photo with not too much clothing to cover it up. Take a photo from a couple of angles. Full body, waist to head, profile.
3. Take measurements. Body measurements, blood pressure, cholesterol, fitness tests. Record all of this somewhere.
4. Set a schedule for exercise and commit to it. As long as the Dr. OK's it, get your heart rate up during the exercise.
5. Track EVERYTHING you eat for the month. If it goes past your teeth, record it. Don't guesstimate quantities, get a food scale or measure things in measuring cups. Check the nutrition label on foods you eat with the food tracker measurements. Not everyone enters it exactly as the food label says.
6. Have weekly or even bi-weekly weigh-ins. This will check for your normal body fluctuations an weight loss. Check your other measurements at the end of the month (or at least every 4 weeks).
7. Review. If you have stuck with the program and nothing changed, you need to adjust the program. Are you eating at the high end of your calorie scale? - drop to the low end. Do you need to bump up your physical activity a notch. More minutes + higher intensity work-outs?

Get some accountability partners. Someone you feel accountable to. If you have accountability partners in Sparks, that's great. But if you 'cheat' some extra calories or drop some workouts, would you tell them? If yes - Great! If not, you need real life accountability.

Good Luck on your journey to a Healthy Lifestyle.

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SURESH_AK SparkPoints: (4,943)
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1/28/13 12:38 A

try try until u succeed

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,670)
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1/27/13 10:31 P

PUT THAT SCALE AWAY! Keep doing what you're doing, and weigh yourself in another month or so. I'm sure the results will be different! :)

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/27/13 8:59 P

failing is not doing anything. You are on the right track. Keep up the good work. You can do this.............

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
1/27/13 6:56 P

It's been one week! As others have said it can take at least 6 weeks to see progress. Keep doing what you've done this week and you will see progress.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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1/27/13 6:48 P

You have most assuredly NOT failed! Not yet. :) The only way you fail is if you give up completely, or die.

Since you're not going to do either of those things today, you haven't failed.

It can take as much as 6-8 weeks for healthy lifestyle changes to show up on the scale. This is especially true when you're adding exercise to the mix. That doesn't mean nothing's happening; quite the contrary! It means you have to be patient and give it time. Trust the process, and know that your body is making changes on a molecular level. It took you time to put on the weight, it's going to take time to get it off. For some people, they may even see an upward shift when they first start exercising to lose weight! This is totally normal.

Keep on plugging, keep doing everything right, and I bet in a month, you'll see some big changes in how you feel, how you look, and how your body works.

For now, put that scale away. It's the least effective tool you have to chart your progress. Focus instead on your body's overall feel, how your clothes are fitting, and keep making the right choices. This isn't a sprint... it's a marathon. The changes you are making now are for life. This isn't a diet, to hurry up and shed 20 lbs like it's the biggest loser... this isn't the biggest loser, and unless you have personal trainers, work out 6-8 hours a day, have personal chefs, and constant medical supervision... you can't expect "biggest loser" type results.

So lean back, revel in your new healthy lifestyle, and know that on a molecular level, your body IS changing. For the better!

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1/27/13 6:29 P

Too soon! Put the scale away for a month or six weeks. We fluctuate so much in weight even in a day. If you are female, you could be retaining water. You might need a bathroom break, if you know what I mean. My weight changes as much as five pounds over one day!

1/27/13 6:15 P

I totally know what you mean.. This is one of the exact reasons in years past that I have not stuck with it...because I have been disappointed in not seeing results fast enough.I have learned that I don't usually drop any weight right away when I start exercising (sometimes it will show i've gained which is really depressing!) usually takes at least a few weeks before I see the scale go down....sometimes longer! So now I usually try and stay away from the scale during that time. The scale isn't the only way that shows progress or moving in the right direction. Sometimes I'll check measurements and see if I've lost inches instead. Or remind myself I feel better....have more energy...and try to tell myself to be patient, it can take time. I remind myself it didn't take a week or two to put the weight on so it might take more than a week or two to see it come off... Keep up your didn't fail! Just be patient...I know easier said than done sometimes emoticon

1/27/13 5:55 P

I've been on Sparkpeople for a while. I've quit and started again at least 5 times and haven't lost much weight (which is understandable). It has always been that I was doing only one of the three things one needs to do for a healthier.body: eating healthily, strength exercising, and cardio exercising. But now, for the past week, I did EVERYTHING right. ONLY drank water, no processed sugar, ate lots of fruits and veggies, tracked my food, did cardio and strength on alternating days, slept well, and I didn't lose ANY weight. I expected to lose 1 pound. That's not a lot, I guess, but that was my goal. And I failed. I'm not going to quit this time, but I guess I'm kind of venting and wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. I don't mean to get all worked up, but I kind of want to cry :(

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