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9/28/11 4:35 P

Good for you happymama!! I did my very first 5k walk/run about a month ago! No prep for it, walked the whole thing! Mind you I am 100lbs overweight! Three co-workers and I did this! LOVED IT! but it darned near killed me, but I was bound and determined to finish. I was LAST, and it took me and hour and 15min to walk. Everyone was cheering me on! I was so proud of myself for just finishing!! I plan on doing the next one Oct 29th and hope to walk/run this one and plan to fully run the Fiddler 5k in july 2012!! Best of luck to you! and don't worry about where you place, it is the finishing that counts!!! YOU GO Girl!!!

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9/28/11 1:51 P

good point!!! thanks for that thought!

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9/28/11 1:46 P

It just matters that you finish not how you place!! Get the first one umder your belt then worry about improving.

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9/28/11 1:05 P

I'm putting it out there so you all can kick my butt into high gear. My first 5K is Sunday and what am I the most scared of? That I'll be the very last person over the finish line and that everyone will already be gone and I'll hear crickets at the end :)

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