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6/16/08 1:37 P

I'm in no way an expert but I think the other thing to consider along with what Coach said is that our bodies change as we age. I know you can control some of it but some things are going to go south. I know when I hit 30 my metabolism didn't slow, it came to a screeching halt. I'm now doing everything I can to try and change that but in two years nature took control of my lazy body!

CTHRNSROKA30 Posts: 12
6/16/08 1:22 P

i have both firm fat and squishy fat why is that and what is that

MRSBLAK27 Posts: 1,075
6/16/08 1:12 P

I have a question...what about if you've have 5 c-sections the first on 18yrs ago the last one 9yrs ago. how hard is it to get rid of that belly fat (upper & lower) all my c-sections were up &down


CAILLIA Posts: 794
6/16/08 12:01 P

I have that panniculus! I used to have fat that hung to my crotch. That's gone, but I still have a small amount of fat that hangs like an apron. I hope some more of it goes away.

SP_COACH_DEAN SparkPoints: (117,227)
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6/16/08 10:49 A

If you're talking about belly fat, a couple of things could be going on. There are two kinds of fat--"visceral" fat which is located inside the abdominal cavity and causes a large but firm "beer belly," and subcutaneous fat, which is between the muscles and the skin, and can seem more jiggly or mushy (the infamous "muffin top"). The visceral fat is the kind that's considered more of a danger to health. It's pretty common to lose visceral fat first, so that your waist shrinks but you still have some subcutaneous fat on top of the muscles. Most people can lose most of that over time, and during the process, it can seem to get softer as the fat cells shrink in size (they don't ever go away completely). Also, it can take the skin as long as 9-12 months to shrink to fit again (whether it will do that completely depends on age and genetics, mostly). But eventually, you should be able to lose the subcutaneous fat as well.

But if you've been pregnant or were very obese, you may also have to contend with stretched skin and muscles, or pockets of belly fat that are very resistant to normal weight loss. The muscles that get stretched by pregnancy or large amounts of visceral fat don't always rebound back to their original shape--the same with excess skin. And if you had enough subcutaneous belly fat to develop what's called a "panniculus" (an "apron" of skin and fat that hangs down below the waist), it's possible some of this won't respond to weight loss completely. The only real solution to stretched muscles, loose skin, and pockets of panniculus fat that don't respond completely to diet and exercise is tummy tuck surgery--or learning to live with them.

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

DLASAGNA Posts: 2,420
6/16/08 9:24 A

I think that it is because when we were bigger, the fat (and other stuffs) was exactly the right amount to fill our skin. Now that we've lost weight, the skin is having to catch up as best it can. Kinda like a full balloon and a not so full one. The full one feels firmer, and all it's filled with is more air.

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CAILLIA Posts: 794
6/16/08 9:12 A

I want to know the answer to this too. My belly is still big, but it used to be firm. Now it's soft feeling and jiggly.

6/15/08 10:33 P

i've always had the jiggly fat, even as a skinny teenager. i've always envied the girls who were chubbier than i who were still able to wear short shorts. i don't have any good advice. the only time it seemed to improve for me was when i was running every day for over a year. i guess that just firmed things up in the right way.

MICHAELA2780 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/15/08 10:02 P

I watched a Discovery Health Challenge episode several weeks ago, and one of the doctors on the show said that "firm" fat is the dangerous kind of fat - especially if it's in the abdominal area - meaning it leads to heart attacks and other serious illness and the "jiggly" fat is less dangerous. I'm sure there are technical terms for all of that, but I don't know them.

KRISTAFB SparkPoints: (0)
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6/15/08 9:00 P

I totally understand what you're talking about Jaime,I'm having the same thing going on here. And ever worse, I never had cellulite on my butt or legs & now I do!! YIkes!

RUNNER_TIFF_07 Posts: 2,745
6/15/08 8:35 P

Well, it could be loose skin -- how much weight have you lost so far? I still have some jiggly stuff underneath my arms (not too bad, but it has become more noticeable as I've lost some weight). I think patience is key in this type of situation. Obviously if you'd lost like 100lbs it might be difficult for your skin to adapt to all the lost weight, but if don't expect to lose that much (I think on your page it said you "look" like you've lost around 10-15 lbs even though the scale doesn't indicate that), your skin should eventually tighten up a bit as you continue to burn fat through your cardio/strength training. I stole my perspective through the many things I've learned in the past couple months from other Sparkers and the fitness experts themselves. Just be patient, keep working hard (because it's obvious you have been!), and don't give up even if you continue to see this loose skin/fat. :) Good luck!

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JAIME1119 Posts: 221
6/15/08 7:39 P

I'm so glad to know that I am not alone. I was wondering if maybe it was loose skin or something. My rear-end is so jiggly now, even though 2 years back I was larger but it was SUPER firm....

JAIME1119 Posts: 221
6/15/08 7:37 P

I understand, but it seems like the more weight I lose the jigglier it gets (loose skin maybe?). But yeah, your perspective makes total sense : )

JAIME1119 Posts: 221
6/15/08 7:36 P

I do strength training, and I can feel the muscles underneath the fat. But it still seems like maybe it might even have something to do with loose skin? Thanks for the input.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,459
6/15/08 7:20 P

Possibly because you have lost muscle along with the fat.

Including strength training in your program will at least allow you to hold onto the muscle you've got.


RUNNER_TIFF_07 Posts: 2,745
6/15/08 5:12 P

Well, I'm not an expert nor would I ever consider myself to be one, but here's what I think. I'm not sure what the difference is between the two types of fat, BUT I do know that you won't be firming up the fat anyway. You'll be firming up muscles and burning fat. I'm sure you can burn "jiggly" fat in the same way as you would be burning "firm" fat. Either way, you're still losing fat and firming you muscles. Anyway, that's what I think!

KIMK75 Posts: 1,756
6/15/08 4:57 P

I don't have an answer, but I know exactly what you are talking about! My belly feels a lot "squishier" now even though it's smaller.

I hope someone can give you an answer because I'd like to know, too!

JAIME1119 Posts: 221
6/15/08 4:45 P

I hope this doesn't sound ridiculous:

When I was overweight about 2 years ago, I noticed that the weight I was carrying was relatively firm- much firmer than the weight I am carrying now. It's hard to explain. Does anyone know the difference between jiggly fat and firm fat? Does having jiggly fat mean that firming up is impossible? Any help is appreciated.

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