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4/23/13 6:44 P

Congratulations! You are doing great! If I tried to match you I'd BE a Zombie. emoticon

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4/23/13 11:37 A

Which one are you using? I had SOOOO much fun using the Zombie 5K app and loved that it had time for stretching, resting, and some strength exercises built in. I really think that was a big part of my success with this app. I've tried some other C25k apps and given up after a week (mostly due to pain in my feet because they started too hard, too soon).

4/23/13 10:34 A

I'm doing the couch to 5k program too! I'm glad to hear from someone that's finished it that it actually works! Great job and thanks for sharing :)

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4/23/13 7:51 A

Thank you, both! I have my sights set on a 5k race on May 27th. I also like the idea of doing a 5k "color run"- there are a couple in Maine this summer so I might do one of those. I've never done a race so we'll see how I like the experience before I start planning on more.

CLWALDRO Posts: 4,583
4/23/13 5:35 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
You have achieved one goal that you set for yourself. I hope this is the first of many 5K for you.
Take care of yourself tomorrow and have a light workout day

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4/22/13 9:35 P

Congrats Big Time!!! That's an accomplishment not too many of us would attain, even without the arthritis! ( I can understand about the feet....arthritis in my toe joints, and bunion issues make walking even a problem sometimes...)

So are you planning on participating in an event soon? All the best when you do!!


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4/22/13 8:29 P

I ran 3.92 miles today without stopping! The goal was 5k (about 3.1 miles). I've been using the Zombie 5k app on my iphone to train. I started in mid-February with running intervals of only 15 seconds! Even in the third week of training, I was only up to running a minute to two minutes without walking. Today I ran for 51 minutes straight! (I am very slow...but I did it!) emoticon

This is an especially huge victory for me because I have arthritis in both feet. I've tried to get back into running a couple times in the years since I was diagnosed, but this is the first time I've been able to get through a training plan without any arthritis pain! I am so excited to be able to run again. And with running, I'll be able to keep taking off the pounds, which will help my arthritis too.

Feeling great...and tired...and a wee bit ache-y. Ibuprofen and a good night's sleep tonight.

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