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1/8/11 9:47 P

Im confusd how can you weight 125 and it be your 2nd day of dieting? Please dont tell me your trying to lose weight when you weight that much!

1/6/11 9:50 P

You're too funny. Putting it in the trunk is a great idea...especially in the winter when it will stay cold.

I've decided to just not buy junk and I'm going to pressure my husband not to buy it too. My weakness will be the family get together....there will be lots of junk, including the stuff I made myself.

Today I gave away the extra chocolate toffee almond bark to two different people so I wouldn't eat it. I ended up snacking on the left over crumbs before dinner. Ug.

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9/30/10 2:21 P

I'm on day 4 and caved with ice cream. Okay. Don't give up continue to measure. Get in the practice. We didn't get this way in a hurry, so we will have to learn a new lifestyle. This is not a diet, it is a change of life (for the better). Keep reminding yourself of that. I have to put stretching on my agenda, so don't feel bad about it. I watched my mom lose over 175#. Don't take a serving, take a bite if you can't and then put them in your car trunk (if it doesn't need refridgeration.) This gives you time to give yourself a pep talk. I did this with cookies, it works. Now I have to overcome ice cream - lol.
Hey I got your back. emoticon

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9/30/10 1:19 P

Okay day 2 of new life and I'm already starting to cave. Did okay yesterday for whatever reason... lack of planning and everything else considred but today I'm wondering how I'm going to find time to work out, and what to do when those cravings hit?

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