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4/28/12 9:13 P

OK, so I read the article and I like the fact they are trying to stop the spread of salmonella. Why don't you like pasteurization?

4/28/12 8:32 P

There are a lot of laws and regulations a person can look through, but this is a less daunting section to read from the California Almond board.

Thank you for the response, however.

JADOMB SparkPoints: (134,622)
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4/28/12 7:53 P

I get mine either at Henry's(Sprouts) or Sam's club. Both are raw and I don't see anything on them saying they are pasteurized. I find that they are NOT found in the nuts section at Sam's but in the cooking section. It is my favorite snack and I east 1-2 oz per day.

4/28/12 6:58 P

Given USDA regulation, finding raw, organic, unpasteurized almonds is nigh impossible from a retail source. I would like to find a farm or a few where I can order them from, since that is, so far as I know, the only want to get them without pasteurization. Does anyone have a good source for these?

Thank you!

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