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4/13/13 1:39 P

Check out the SparkTeams to see if there are ones near you. Good luck!

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4/13/13 1:03 P

Are there any sparkpeople in the marion IN area?

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12/30/12 8:06 P


Thank you so much for answering my message and giving me some heads up information. I know the malls around her are open and dozens of people go there, but I haven't quite gotten myself prepared for that yet. As it is even now, I hug the walls of the mall when I walk in fear of someone knocking me down, especially the younger crowd who do not care who they push to get where they are going, always in a hurry. When I shop for groceries I hang on to the cart as if it is my last resort to stay upright. It is a fear I have to overcome and I know I have to get out there and do it to be able to build up my confidence. You are definitely right, I must get out where people are, doing the same thing that their doing and meet someone to walk with or be near. You have been a great help and I so wish you were closer. With your ambition and drive to help me would be a very large plus for me. Please keep in touch. I will call you my Guardian Angel to guide me through my fear of walking alone. Bless you.

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12/30/12 8:01 A

Unfortunately I'm not in your area or I would go with you. But here are some possible ideas.
Perhaps reach out to neighbors

See if any malls in your area open early for indoor walkers. There would be lots of walkers there to make friends with and you would not be walking alone if you fell

Perhaps attend some local churches to find people in your age category to go out with. This is not instant but over time you would find people

I don't know your age but a senior center perhaps

I know a woman who has had a stroke and has serious balance problems. She does water walking and othervwater exercises at the local rec center. At first she went alone. But now she has friends, her own little cheering section and people offer to pick her up and drive her home

I hope thes ideas help. God bless!
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12/30/12 12:10 A

I live in Plymouth, MIchigan. I am looking for anyone in the area that I may get in contact with to be a friend. I have a balance problem when walking and I am afraid to go out alone thinking if I lose my balance I probably wouldn't be able to get up by myself without help. Having someone to walk with would be a great help and make the walking routine for excerise more enjoyable. If there is anyone in my area, please answer my message. Thank you so much. This means a lot to me. Luann

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