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7/15/13 10:40 P

Is there a bulletin board at your local running store? Can you post a note asking about possible running buddies? Do you tend to encounter the same people outside when you're running? Maybe you could ask one of them?

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
7/15/13 9:12 P

All the running clubs and running stores by me having early morning group runs.

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7/15/13 2:14 P

you can also check with the gyms in your area.

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7/15/13 1:50 P

I've met all my current running friends on dailymile.

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7/15/13 1:33 P

Do you have any specialty running stores? There's a few in my area, and they ALWAYS have advertisements for running groups and partners up.

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7/15/13 1:12 P


What is the best way to find other people to run with in an area you live in? I've thought of or run clubs, but most are in the evenings. Any ideas?

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