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DEE107 SparkPoints: (876,234)
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7/19/09 12:56 A

going to church

ROWERANDY Posts: 2,568
7/19/09 12:51 A

I praise God for his blessings today.

DEE107 SparkPoints: (876,234)
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Posts: 469,814
7/19/09 12:40 A

roof over my head night

7/19/09 12:13 A

I am thankful to God for My Wonderful 10 year old Daughter that i adore and love with all that i am!

DEE107 SparkPoints: (876,234)
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Posts: 469,814
7/18/09 11:44 P

I am home

SNAPHAPPEE SparkPoints: (15,943)
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7/18/09 5:31 P

What a great, positive thread!

I praise God my wonderful, funny, interesting family.

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BIZZYNAT237 Posts: 154
7/18/09 5:23 P

This day=] Each days is a blessing not a promise.

SHANNONSTILLS SparkPoints: (0)
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7/18/09 2:14 P

waking up

ITZ_SUE Posts: 2,142
7/18/09 12:18 P

my family

DEE107 SparkPoints: (876,234)
Fitness Minutes: (419,800)
Posts: 469,814
7/18/09 11:36 A

i got a good night sleep last night

7/18/09 8:06 A

I'm thankful for my mom and the peace and love we have been able to establish before its too late.

CJD066 Posts: 13
7/18/09 7:13 A

I praise God that in general I am healthy. When I lose the rest of this weight and my clothes look better on me, I will really be grateful!

I also praise Him for my precious grandkids. They mean the world to me.

PROSPECT27 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/18/09 12:47 A

I am so grateful to have had wonderful parents who loved and cared for me and I feel that I have passed down many oftheir teachings to my daughters who will hopefully pass it along to their children. I am also thankful for my husband and his parents who have done so much for us over the years. Our little grandson is so very precious to us, he is a tiger! LOL! My oldest daughter, affected by lyme disease, is such a strong and determined young woman. I am so thankful that she has someone very special in her life who loves her and I can only pray that he has the log term understanding of what she is often faced with. Chronic lyme is a very debilitating illness. As for me, I am very thankful that my health is good-I try to take care of myself and I am trying to strengthen that by walking and exercising every chance I get. With my family's support and from this Spark family, I think I can make a difference...I am hopeful :)

DEE107 SparkPoints: (876,234)
Fitness Minutes: (419,800)
Posts: 469,814
7/17/09 11:44 P

he sent my hubby home to me

JOSIE63 Posts: 443
7/17/09 9:08 P

I praise God for all my blessings, my Mom, my brother and his family and my aunts and uncles and their families. I also praise God for my country.

DEE107 SparkPoints: (876,234)
Fitness Minutes: (419,800)
Posts: 469,814
7/13/09 1:35 P

I am alive and so is my family

Fitness Minutes: (20,071)
Posts: 978
7/13/09 12:41 P

A family that loves me, summer, good friends, a garden full of wonderful tomatoes.

GOODGETNBETR Posts: 10,006
7/13/09 11:24 A

For giving me another day to live and love.

MARYKAYLADY57 Posts: 115
7/13/09 9:23 A

family, friends, and for God sending his son to die on the cross. emoticon

7/13/09 8:43 A

I praise God for my wonderful family and the support they give me everyday!

ROWERANDY Posts: 2,568
7/13/09 8:43 A

for his mercy which endures to all generations.

7/13/09 7:03 A

love and support of my family and friends

MELISSARUSS Posts: 2,036
7/12/09 10:42 P

So many things: salvation, wonderful family, shelter, food, and a sense of humor!

DEE107 SparkPoints: (876,234)
Fitness Minutes: (419,800)
Posts: 469,814
7/12/09 10:21 P

life and letting me heal to do my hospital duty today

FRANCESCANAZ SparkPoints: (95,697)
Fitness Minutes: (111,824)
Posts: 3,191
7/12/09 12:17 P

There are really WAY too many blessings to choose from! I guess I say "familia"

DEE107 SparkPoints: (876,234)
Fitness Minutes: (419,800)
Posts: 469,814
7/11/09 10:12 P

I am here and my husband is here tooo

MARYKAYLADY57 Posts: 115
7/11/09 7:46 P

I praise God for having a job where so many people are out work. It's not a wonderful job with many trials and tribulations, but God gets me through each and everyday. I know he has a reward in heaven for me. I praise him for letting me be a christian and living like a christian. You do not have to go around telling everyone because people should see it in your deeds and how you treat people. Thank you God for giving us your son.

HUMLADY1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (9,559)
Posts: 603
7/11/09 7:40 P

Praise God that He is who He says He is!

Praise God that I am who He says I am!

Thank You, God, for the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

HEALTHY831 Posts: 332
7/11/09 6:39 P

I am 3/4 of the way through reading the bible in 90 days!! Just started the New Testament this morning

JOSIE63 Posts: 443
7/11/09 4:59 P

I praise God my mom and my dog aren't as sick as they were yesterday.

DEE107 SparkPoints: (876,234)
Fitness Minutes: (419,800)
Posts: 469,814
7/9/09 9:13 P

My sister who is still here with us, she is in remission about 1 and half years so far

7/8/09 9:42 P

His saving grace, His mercy, life, love, joy, family, health, enough money to buy all that I need and some of what I want, friends, His presence that gives me peace

The Lord shall delight over you with singing.

Isn't that awesome to KNOW that God sings over us!

PRINCESSBETHI11 SparkPoints: (21,662)
Fitness Minutes: (20,861)
Posts: 255
7/8/09 7:18 P

My babies and husband

DEE107 SparkPoints: (876,234)
Fitness Minutes: (419,800)
Posts: 469,814
7/8/09 5:28 P

For my life

THIN2WIN36 Posts: 158
7/8/09 4:43 P

For giving me a life that is beyond blessed...I have a wonderful family, my health, the best friends I could ask for and everyday I wake up to a beautiful world....But most of all I thank God for dying so that my many sins could be forgiven. Wow...

SACJP4 Posts: 97
7/8/09 9:18 A

The gift of life. Celebrating life one breath at a time.

DEE107 SparkPoints: (876,234)
Fitness Minutes: (419,800)
Posts: 469,814
7/7/09 7:36 A

for my improvement in health

TIMMYO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (35,003)
Posts: 1,471
7/6/09 11:18 P

Vacation is what you take when you can't take what you've been taking any longer

DEE107 SparkPoints: (876,234)
Fitness Minutes: (419,800)
Posts: 469,814
7/6/09 11:07 P

for my life

HEALTHY831 Posts: 332
7/6/09 9:33 P

I thank GOD for his grace and favor.

DONNASUEE Posts: 1,337
7/6/09 4:33 P

Thank you God that you have a plan for our life - when things don't seem like they are going right we can be sure that you do have it in control. Help us to remember to "Trust God to choose what's best".

7/6/09 4:15 P

thankful for dishes to wash, laundry to fold, a house to clean, kids to love (and correct and discipline and build my character), that we are not at war on American soil, ...

BAJAN728 Posts: 443
7/6/09 1:04 P

God, I thank you for all the many blessings you shower on my family each and every day. I thank you for being a loving, patient, kind and forgiving God.

7/6/09 8:42 A

beloved father I thank you for my sister

JOSIE63 Posts: 443
7/5/09 6:51 P

Thank you God for all my blessings! Thank you God for our Freedom!! Thank you God for the cool front that just arrived! AMEN! emoticon

5GIRLS1BOY Posts: 1,065
7/5/09 6:49 P

for all that He gives me!

ILOVESP Posts: 825
7/4/09 5:54 A

Jesus is alive!

PHAT*GIRL Posts: 346
7/2/09 11:45 P

I thank God for keeping me in my right mind.

JOSIE63 Posts: 443
7/2/09 7:08 P

I praise God for my Mom, my brother and the rest of my family. I praise God for this country. I praise God for His love.

JUST2CUTE4U Posts: 95
7/1/09 6:44 A

It's because of his protection why we are not a part of crime statistics.

Thank him for his keeping power
For his protection and keeping power
For providing, maintaining, sustaining and healing not just me but others.

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