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MSANITAL Posts: 8,060
1/11/13 6:12 P

Way to go.. and if ever you get that feeling again of giving up come here and read your posts.....

we all have those kind of days and will you have that day again sure.. but you know you will have them less when you keep on the right track.. way to go woohoo

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1/11/13 3:53 P

It's really discouraging when you're eating right and exercising, but the scale isn't showing results. Congratulations for sticking to it, and for your 3 lb. loss.

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1/11/13 3:41 P

Good for you. My weight has stayed the same for almost two weeks. I had dramatic loss and then everything came to a halt even though I do not eat at the top of my allowed range.

Anyone have any suggestions to get it moving (down of course!)?

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1/11/13 3:01 P

After keeping at the same weight through the holidays I finally saw a 3lb drop this past week. This really helps me to stay motivated. I was starting to feel that nagging desire to just forget it and quit trying to move forward. AND it's FRIDAY!!

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