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I think you will look back at this post one day GENRE and laugh a little. First of all, that veggie soup is unappealing. Stick with it, and you will learn to love veggies. Second, your list of snacks are better alternatives, but not very healthy. Popcorn would cause me to gain weight.

Still, in the end, this is an important first step for you. We don't go from eating poorly, to a perfect diet. We slowly make changes, improving along the way. Popcorn is way better than Doritos. Subway is better than pizza. Just continue to make better food choices, at your own pace. As you lose, do a little more exercise. Be patient, and stick to it, and it works.

I would suggest becoming more active to relieve boredom eating though. By definition, it is not eating you actually need, but extra calories to fill time up. Volunteer, or join a sports league to become busier, and you won't be bored, hence no extra eating due to boredom.

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8/26/13 5:58 A

you're correct

if you eat mindlessly, it's quite easy to fall back into unhealthy habits

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8/26/13 5:14 A

I find that I still have many bad habits that can defeat me still. If I eat foods that are filling then I don't get as hungry to boredom eat. I make a big pot of vegetable soup. Not the most appealing, but it works. Popcorn, is another. If you even grab for these instead of your usual junk, then how bad can it be when you are full, and didn't gain anything really! Drink a glass of water before you eat something. Eat foods high in fiber like an apple, or oatmeal. Worst comes to worse you do binge, then let it be on healthy snacks. That list is for another post.

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