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1/5/13 7:07 P

Thanks every one.

I too don't look at calories burned I just time myself daily at how much time I am putting in a day working out. Is there a way just to track time working out? Whenever I try to it asks me for calories burned as well, that is why this question came up.

Coach Nancy, that did help a lot actually. Since I got the machine that is what I have been doing. I have been tracking it as a 10-15minute walk (as that is what I am doing on it currently).

Thanks everyone!

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1/5/13 11:39 A

The ESTIMATES of calories burned are always just that -- estimates. Everybody's body and metabolism are different. And there are so many variables that can effect the TRUE number of calories burned by any one activity ... that I don't waste my time with it.

I just track my fitness minutes -- which ARE accurate. I can adjust those upward or downword as I wish.

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1/4/13 8:24 P

Get a heart rate monitor. This is the best way to calculate cardio.

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1/4/13 7:42 P


I would do a search for aerobics, general low impact and then plug in your minutes. SparkPeople will then generate your calorie burn from that information. Just know that all calorie calculators are just an estimate of the actual calories burn, so choosing one that most closely matches the activity that you did should suffice.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

ROBBO90 SparkPoints: (1,736)
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1/4/13 7:27 P

I have finally got a work out machine that I love. But have no idea how to track it here on sparks people. I have googled calories burned on it and keep coming up with nothing found...

How would I go about tracking it?

It is a Lifestyler Cardio Fit Low Impact

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