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10/31/13 7:50 A

It's true Russell. If a stranger saw my plate the only thing they would notice is a lack of bread and an abundance of vegetables and butter!

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10/31/13 12:53 A

I of course am in agreement with 95 % of what you are saying as always, and think high fat is the healthiest way to eat.

The most important thing in this article in my opinion though, was the picture of the platter of food. Half was veggies, with some fruit, and when we got to the fat/protein which at a minimum should make up 80% of any low carb diet, it wasn't portrayed as a hunk of beef, swimming in oil. True, beef, and oil are fine, but the idea of avocados, nuts, oils, and butters as oils, and cheese or beans as a source of protein, are often overlooked. Many low carbers eat elevated amounts of protein, but actually eat LESS meat. Almost unanimously they eat more vegetables. What goes up the most is the fat, but even here it is now coming from oil, butter, nuts, avocados, as well as the meats and eggs. This is far healthier than the fat we used to eat from McDonald's.

I think that if people actually saw what low carbers ate, it would be vastly different than what they think it entails.Especially those who are past the stricter stages of the diet.

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10/30/13 10:30 A

Thanks for posting!! Great article.

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10/30/13 8:40 A

Amen to that!!!

10/30/13 8:12 A

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