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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,314
12/23/13 9:11 A

I take an equate fiber pill of 100% Physillium (walmart brand) daily.

I also enjoy Flaxseeds on salads, in oatmeal, etc. and I also take a flaxseed oil pill daily that I purchase at Walmart. Raspberries have about 8 grams of fiber per cup so I incorporate these into my menu as well as 1/4 cup of lentils at 7 grams of fiber.

I skip Wheat Bread which can cause bloat and eat rye bread with seeds because it eases constipation and bloat because of the fiber arabinoxylan. The seeds strengthen the functions of the stomach. They also provide quick relief from flatulence.

I also eat coriander seeds which has insoluble fiber that promotes the movement of material through your digestive system and increases stool bulk, so it can be of benefit to those who struggle with constipation or irregular stools.

Did you know that even mild dehydration can cause constipation? Water and a walk help constipation, even a belly massage. I have also found Nabisco Ginger Snap cookies with molasses help keep my bowels moving. I have 1 potion.

Hope any of this information will help you. Happy Holidays!

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KELLYFIT123 Posts: 1,312
12/23/13 8:20 A

Thank you for your responses, everyone.

My doctor suggested I take one for better regularity. I tried to increase my fiber intake but I found I was having a hard time because I eat a pretty healthy diet already and adding fiber just seemed to increase the amount of food I was eating, which wasn't what I wanted. Then I just stopped trying, and realized I really need to do something.

Yesterday I was thinking -- I could add ground flax seeds to more of my food. That way, it's supplement-ISH but it's still food.

I'm currently eating chocolate oatmeal. With 1/4 c. oatmeal, 2 tsp. unsweetened cocoa, and 2 T. ground flax, I'm getting 7.2g of fiber right there. Before I was gluten-free, I ate oatmeal nearly every day. (Gluten free oats are more expensive, and I found a lot of other interesting things to eat, so I scaled back on oatmeal.)

I appreciate the thinking-out-loud aspect of the message boards -- thanks again! More thoughts and ideas are welcomed!

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ANARIE Posts: 13,200
12/22/13 10:50 P

Do you need it as a laxative? If not, if you're just wanting it because you've heard fiber is important to health, you might want to talk to a Registered Dietitian who knows a lot about recent research. It's looking as if there's really not much benefit from fiber supplementation. All the things you may have read about fiber reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease seems to only be true when the fiber comes from food. It's entirely possible that the benefit isn't from the fiber itself but rather from other compounds that are in high-fiber foods that most people have never even heard of-- things like phytic acid, for example, which is a chelating agent (it binds to metals and removes them from the body.) And since supplements aren't regulated and are fairly often contaminated or contain unlisted ingredients (especially those bought through multilevel marketing programs like Usana), you might end up making the situation worse instead of better.

I know you didn't want to hear about high-fiber foods, but that really might be by far your best option.

On the other hand, if you do just want it as a mild laxative, then a big brand name like Metamucil is generally the safest bet when buying supplements. Since they're not regulated, small companies that put out a bad batch can just change names and start over. You want a product whose name recognition is part of its value, so that they have something important to lose if they don't self-regulate.

JOYCECAIN SparkPoints: (137,945)
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12/22/13 8:44 P

Thanks for info.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,450)
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12/22/13 7:50 P

My Dietitian prescribed Benefibre and it helped immensely. There was no taste whether it was in a drink, over cereal or dessert, or in baking. Altho' it is made from wheat, it states on the container that it is Gluten Free. My Dietitian told me that Benefiber was better than some of the others because the others can interfere with medications, especially if taken at the same time, and metamucil was higher in calories. Perhaps you might be best to talk further about this with your Dr or your Pharmacist.

I have to eat a very high fibre diet and there are times when it is very hard to get enough. I have noticed that the days I eat salads are the days that I don't get as much as usual because I generally choose much higher fibre veges for cooking.


SONOFCZAR SparkPoints: (7,360)
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12/22/13 6:26 P

I've only used benefiber and Metamucil. Metamucil was fine as long as you start with a small amount and slowly increase it. Benefiber made me feel bloated and crappy, so I quit taking it.

CAPTATHLETICA SparkPoints: (3,771)
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12/22/13 2:50 P

Hey have you heard of USANA Fibergy?
I use this every now and then when I get a little sick of eating vegetables. You can mix it into oatmeal, protein shakes, or however else you can figure. It's 30 calories and 12g of fiber. It works great and is Gluten, Dairy, and Soy free.

KELLYFIT123 Posts: 1,312
12/22/13 11:50 A

I'm on a gluten-free diet and am trying to get enough fiber, but I don't think I'm hitting the mark. My doctor suggested taking a fiber supplement, but researching the options, I feel nervous about taking them. Can you tell me about your experiences taking a fiber supplement? For example: brand you use, time factor (pill or the mix), side effects (bloating, gas), etc.

Please don't give me examples of high-fiber foods to eat. I know that information and it's not helping me at the moment. I'm really interested in hearing people's experiences with supplements only.


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