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MAURMAUR Posts: 548
12/12/13 11:11 A

i take psyllium husk everyday as a fiber supplement. i started taking it because i was having digestive issues and this helped straightened me out. i take it when i get home from work and it keeps me from snacking before dinner (which i always had a problem with). you can get it in pills or the loose form, which i prefer. i mix it with just water or sometimes juice, followed by a glass of water. you HAVE to make sure you drink plenty of water, or else it can clog up your system, which would be extremely unpleasant! i also like the loose form because you can use it in baking-you might have to alter recipies slightly though because they might change the moisture levels.

it's been working great for me!

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12/12/13 5:35 A

Are you getting enough water. vegges. fruits. protein and fat? Personally i aim for ten servings vegges/fruits daily.

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12/11/13 7:42 P

Fiber can help one to feel fuller longer and decrease food/calorie intake and promote weight loss.

I would first encourage you to get at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily; and aim for 20 grams of fiber through your selection of wholesome foods.

Soluble fiber supplements, especially glucomannan has been shown to have a positive effect on satiety and weight loss in preliminary research studies. I would encourage you to talk in greater detail with your doctor about the use of this supplement and if it is appropriate based on your other medical needs.

your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,314
12/11/13 6:33 P

Vitafusion fiber gummies...There are 5 grams of fiber in each serving (2 delicious gummies) and the flavors are peach, strawberry and blackberry flavored.

They also come as a weight management option with B vitamins for energy and Biotin which is an essential water soluble vitamin that is necessary for the metabolism of fats and amino acids, as well as the production of fatty acids ..Costco has them has them

Please consult your health care provider for any advice on daily fiber intake

MRSAND Posts: 1,612
12/11/13 5:13 P

I've never tried a supplement...but I did discover when I first started tracking my nutrition that I was not getting nearly enough fiber so I started eating lots (2 pounds a day) of veggies to get at least 25g of fiber a day...and I found that by doing that I felt full and really reduced cravings...most days I get 35-40 grams of fiber (daily calories usually around 1400)...(brussels sprouts are my faves - 1g of fiber per 10 calories)

MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 588
12/11/13 4:57 P

Has your doctor told you that you need to increase your fiber intake or are you just looking to curb your hunger? Eating too much fiber or quickly increasing your consumption can have very uncomfortable effects. If it's a need for more fiber, try getting it through foods before you resort to a supplement (beans, grains, whole fruits, and veggies). If it's to control hunger, make sure you're drinking plenty of water. This can help you avoid the "mental" hunger you might feel.

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
12/11/13 4:53 P

I took fiber supplements at my highest weight to feel full and keep from overeating. Yes they help, be sure to drink enough water with them. To put in mildly at first you may be in the bathroom a lot since fiber helps reduce waste. Since some fibers can keep some vitamins from absorbing into your system, you may want to ask your doctor about vitamin supplements- I took a centrum type multi in the morning. I still take a fiber tablet (Not Diet Pill) before going to any family functions, parties, or where food will be served to prevent overdoing.

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12/11/13 4:41 P

Can Fiber supplements help you feel fuller. I am just starting SP and have been eating lots of veggies, I was just wondering if a fiber supplement might be worth looking into. Thanks for any replies.

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