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8/7/14 9:08 A

Thank you DIETITIANBECKY - I'm glad that is just a "minimum" amount.

I appreciate you replying - now I can report back to the team that I am doing ok. I tend to stay between 25-30 but will no longer worry on the days I only hit 24, lol.

I am aware of the dangers of eating too much fiber, but too little isn't good either :(

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8/7/14 6:56 A

21g does seem really low.

8/7/14 6:54 A

For your age and gender, 21 grams is the correct "minimal" amount of fiber.

The fiber recommendation comes from the Institute of Medicine:

Notice that the link I shared also has a pdf link to the complete report on fiber if you want to read it as well as note the research studies used.

As a person ages, he/she burns fewer calories and therefore calorie needs go down for weight maintenance. With this decrease in food consumption, fiber intake needs also decrease slightly.

The Sparkpeople Nutrition Tracker is based more on a food label for vitamins, minerals and fiber. Thus it does not show these slight variations for gender and age changes.

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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8/7/14 6:40 A

Thank you all! I do hope one of the Coaches answers my question too - if the numbers in that article are the minimum - it really needs to state that in the article.

All my life I have heard how important fiber is as we age - hence all the supplemental fibers.

Thanks Jibbie - I will check it out! So far I can meet my needs using Fiber One products and an OTC Softener. Sorry if TMI.

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8/7/14 2:28 A

I buy KONSTYL brand fiber at Walmart and take it daily. Mix the fiber into the liquid and not the other way around.

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8/6/14 11:51 P

I'm pretty sure there's no risk of harm from having more than 21 grams of fiber.

Worst case scenario, it will kick in while you're in traffic.

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8/6/14 8:28 P

If I ate 21g Fibre daily, I would be horribly constipated. I need to eat an average of around 42g daily otherwise I suffer. I can occasionally get a way with in the 30's, but that is only if my fat consumption has increased a fair bit. I keep a Spreadsheet for my Dietitian, and she has noticed the need for a much higher amount than normally recommended.


8/6/14 7:33 P

the 5% Summer Challenge is doing fiber this week - and the numbers surprised me.

I have been a member of SP since 2006 (already 56 yrs old) - and my fiber "needs" have never changed on my Nutrition Tracker - always 25-35

The team referenced a SP article which says I should only be getting 21?? I just don't understand?? What happened to 25-35? Why has my tracker never changed?

Adult males, under age 50 38 grams daily
Adult males, over age 50 30 grams daily
Adult females, under age 50 25 grams daily
Adult females, over age 50 21 grams daily
Adult pregnant females 25-35 grams daily

Is this the new minimum or the maximum? I have always heard that as we age fiber is more important, not less needed.

Help please.

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