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KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
4/10/14 8:30 A

Avocado and raspberries are two good sources.

PACAROLSUE SparkPoints: (4,521)
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4/10/14 5:19 A

The fiber in the beans is said to greatly offset the carbs. I can include beans in my diet and still lose weight, and they also help keep my blood sugar down.

GGMOM06 Posts: 9,224
4/9/14 3:22 P

I get Mission Carb balance wraps 26 g of fiber but they are not gluten free and i try to eat some beans ( sugar/sodium free ) not very low carb though .

PACAROLSUE SparkPoints: (4,521)
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4/1/14 7:07 P

Very interesting sites. Thanks

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ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
3/30/14 11:26 A

Add ground flaxseed to your smoothie, sprinkle it into your scrambled eggs, add it to some peanut butter,

DREAMTREE SparkPoints: (7,232)
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3/30/14 11:16 A

I was inspired to search the web after reading this to find fiber contents of foods and found a few great resources:

This one has a lot of fresh foods and their fiber content:

This one lists a few foods in main categories from highest to lowest fiber content:

Hopefully this is as helpful to others as it is to me!

GIPPER1961 Posts: 766
3/30/14 8:46 A

My go to is avocado. Nuts as well. Great fiber there

KATIEMAE10 Posts: 202
3/28/14 4:30 P

Great suggestions everyone! I also forgot to mention that I try to stick to a gluten-free diet 2* to that does make it hard b/c I can't just grab a loaf of bread or high fiber cereal, granola bar, etc. But I am trying to make a concious effort to look at my food choices and increase my fiber intake! Thanks for the help!

VWMOMMY SparkPoints: (9,888)
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Posts: 296
3/28/14 11:55 A

I second what the previous posters have said and would add that I love my oatmeal for breakfast each morning and often add in a Tbsp of chia seeds and a handful of berries. This can cover half of my RDI right there. Another good option for fiber is beans and legumes. As far as veggies- I have never been a huge veggie fan but I love most veggies when they're roasted.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/28/14 10:38 A

A cup of split peas ( 16 g ), and a cup of raspberries ( 9 g ), and you are at your 25 minimum level. With a few more servings of vegetables, you can get to 35-50 easily. Green beans have 8 g carb, 4 fiber per cup. Fresh broccoli has 4.6 g carbs, with 2.6 being fiber per cup. Nuts are also a great source of fiber.

No need to take fiber supplements. There is plenty in food, and the good news is, they are the best foods to eat.

DREAMTREE SparkPoints: (7,232)
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3/28/14 8:08 A

I have a huge problem getting enough fiber now that I've found I'm gluten-intolerant and can't eat bread, etc, that used to be my main fiber sources. I'll have to start looking to see which fruits & veggies have more fiber as I didn't realize there were any. Good tips!

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PACAROLSUE SparkPoints: (4,521)
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3/28/14 7:46 A

I forgot about berries. I don't eat them very often, but they have more than fiber in their favor. They are very nutritious.

NEPTUNE032701 SparkPoints: (7,490)
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3/28/14 7:40 A

If you like raspberries they are a great source of fiber- 9 grams per cup. I love raspberries and in the summer I eat them by the handful.

PACAROLSUE SparkPoints: (4,521)
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3/28/14 7:14 A

Kris, you seem to have a handle on your fiber intake. It's so important for good health and weight control. I try to have some beans every day, in my salads, in scrambled eggs, pretty much anywhere I can get them in. But not too much though, you have to increase your fiber gradually.

Another thing I do is sprinkle some original Fiber One cereal into plain yogurt, either at breakfast or as a snack in the evening.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,564)
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3/28/14 6:19 A

I eat a very high fibre diet.

I choose the bread with the highest fibre I can find, and also ensure that it is low sodium, and low saturated fat, and has a good amount of protein. Be careful with chosing the bread because some wholegrain bread is still quite low in fibre, so make sure that you check the Nutrition Label.

I eat tons of fruit/veges - broccoli, cauliflower and peas particularly have good fibre content. Potatoes are also a good source, but make sure that you eat the skin, too. In fact, with veges, I hardly ever peel the skin - I love it.

Rather than a dessert of cake/ice-cream etc., I choose fresh fruit and sometimes have yoghurt with it. My yoghurt usually has whole-grains added so it adds to the fibre.

I mostly start my day with a high fibre breakfast. I use Rolled Oats, Bakers Wheat Bran, and chopped dates, as well as having a piece of fresh fruit.

I use lots of Red Lentils and/or Red Kidney Beans, Cannellini Beans or Chick Peas in casseroles and soups. I also add Red Lentils to soups and Pasta, but don't use Plain Pasta - I use Wholegrain Pasta. Apart from using the lentils to extend the pasta, I also add shredded, sauteed cabbage and onion to it, too, because it is a lot lower in calories. I also use Wholegrain Couscous.

Strange as it may seem, I find that when I eat salads, I don't generally get enough fibre. I think, in part it is because you tend to eat less than with cooked veges.

My crackers have a good amount of fibre and I seldom eat cakes or biscuits (cookies)

My minimum daily fibre intake is generally over 42g, so if you want further ideas, you are more than welcome to check out my Nutrition Page.

Good luck,

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ALIAKAIS SparkPoints: (6,828)
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3/27/14 9:21 P

There are tons of awesome recipes that have high fiber foods in them! Eating more raw/cooked fruits and veggies will add fiber to your diet quite quickly. Switching from white to WHOLE wheat bread (it has to have whole wheat flour as it's first ingredient or it's not whole wheat, it's just dyed brown to look like it is), white rice to brown rice, and try cooking up novel grains like quinoa. Eating a side salad gives a decent amount of fiber and "tough" fruits like apples, mangoes, peaches, and pears have a decent amount in them also. Nuts and seeds have some.

Sp has a really good article on this, I'll leave the link here. Good luck!

KATIEMAE10 Posts: 202
3/27/14 8:57 P

I am trying to increase my fiber intake, and preferably naturally. By this I am trying to increase my intake o foods that se naturally high n fiber. Does anyone have any practical suggestions on incorporating high fiber foods into yr daily food choices?

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