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5/31/11 6:53 P

This is an interesting idea... I was thinking egg whites myself and I see someone else has posted that thought too.... I looked on the Fiber One webiste and notice they add some corn syrup to theirs... not a lot (1 Tablespoon... so figuring 8-12 servings per pie you are only looking at 1/8th to 1/12 tablespoon cornsyrup per serving... at 60 calories per FULL tablespoon that would be a negligible amount per serving... I don't really like to use corn syrup but perhaps that tiny amount would be acceptable for the occasional treat...
I wonder if there is a light corn syrup? Now you have me Might have to play around with this myself on the upcoming weekend !

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5/31/11 4:31 P

I don't think you're going to able to get a dough consistency from this, as you're starting with a bran-based, already cooked product; at best, it will be a graham cracker crumb crust. You could try adding a little bit of whole wheat or graham flour along with some egg whites to get more of a 'bound,' cookie-like shell. I've experimented with healthy pastry shells myself and it's a tough one to recreate exactly with all the requisite substitutions. I'm curious to see how you fare on this so keep us posted!

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5/30/11 11:06 P

Wondering if I can get some feedback from my fellow cooks on a recipe I've been working on. I've been working mini-tarts and have the filling down, but have been having problems with the crust. I had an idea to use Fiber One as the main ingredient for the crust simply to add some nutritional value (fiber) to the sweet treats. The first time I tried it, I ground 1 cup of Fiber One down in the food processor, mixed it with 2 tbsp melted butter substitute (I Can's Believe It's Not Butter Light), and pressed it into the tart cups then baked it at 400 for 8 minutes before letting them cool and filling them. It turned out too much like a graham cracker and didn't hold up outside of the tart pan -- we were spooning the tarts out. My second iteration, I ground the Fiber One finer -- as close to a flour as I could get it -- cut in 2 tbsp of butter substitute and then added water 1 tbsp at a time until I could get it to form a dough. It never did form a good dough, it was just too crumbly. I tried chilling it for an hour but it didn't help, it was so crumbly that I couldn't roll it out. I went ahead and pressed it into the mini tart pan and they baked well -- I could get them out of the pan and fill them. However they were very delicate and once filled they started softening up.

What am I doing wrong? How can I get this to more of a dough consistency? I'm thinking of giving up and just using filo dough...

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