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Hi. I will soon be 61. I made the decision to lose weight last January. I still had my health but knew my 325 Lbs would end up killing me..I was tired and nearly everything seemed a chore. Small Steps! I LOVE sweets! So I began with having a dessert after dinner-one treat a day, no munching on the goodies through out the day-only dessert.. A small loss at the end of the week. Next, I altered a few reciepes to make them healthier, and added more veggies- another loss at week's end. I began to drink more water, unsweetened ice tea in place of soda-Another loss! I began to take small walks everyday, at first I was exhausted and didn't even make it to the end of the street, but walked a little further every week. More Loss! Now 240 lbs, more energy, small things no longer seem like a chore, I began to enjoy my walks and now walk 2 miles 3 times a week and small daily walks. I can take the stairs without feeling like i'm going to pass out. Even had the energy to shovel snow this year! Begin slow, keep at it, binges happen, so don't let that discourage you and get back on track ASAP. Devert cravings by finding something to do when "it" hits, take a drink of water or hot tea, read a magazine, phone a friend, get on Spark etc. If you still want something after 30 minutes, have a lite snack such as a apple, or a lite yogurt. Do NOT keep any "fat clothes" as reminders as you lose, it is TO tempting to get back into those if you gain back a few lbs or feeling bloated! Take before/after pics instead. My goal is to reach about 160 lbs, so lets make 2013 our year for Goals Reached.

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Any females in their 60's have any tips for weightloss? Calories, exercise, motivational?

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