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9/16/13 11:47 P

Try not to beat yourself too badly. Sure you had a rough spot, but we all do. The trick is to acknowledge it and try to reflect on what the triggers were. Were there healthier options at the restaurants you went to? Did you do lots of walking even though you didn’t “hit the gym”, was the week really a total loss?

Even if it was oh well, it’s over moving forward is the big part. You seem ready to do that, the week off may have even been good for you, just don’t get carried away. Perhaps over the holidays you could offer to help cook, there are many yummy and healthy recipes out there which I’m sure your family would love and then you could feel good that you brought a good for you dish to the table. If you are making the entire meal then start experimenting now with healthy holiday type dishes so you know what will be good for your family but still tasty.
Good luck!

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9/16/13 9:08 P

I was doing really really well then out of town visitors and 4 birthday celebrations, mine included, fell into the same week. I have had a terrible past 7 days. Before this I was keeping track of everything I ate, going to the gym 3 to 4 days per week and feeling really good about myself. Now, I feel awful and feeling sorry for myself again! I'm not even sure how it happened! It is so easy to say, "One bite won't hurt", but it is the kiss of death for those of us who have issues with food! Tomorrow is a new day. I am back on the wagon and chugging along again. I need to learn to handle these occasions better since the holidays are right around the corner. Wish me luck!! Thanks for listening. emoticon

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