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4/19/12 4:49 P


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4/17/12 6:45 P

Thats great information for you to have - now you can march forward! You should check to see about teams for related issues, I'm sure there are others here dealing with the same thing. You are not alone!!

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STINAMARIE86 SparkPoints: (42,416)
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4/17/12 3:12 P

When I got laid off in 2009, I was under a lot of stress. I started gaining weight and started workouts because of the weight gain. With no health insurance, I couldn't get to the doctor to see why I gained and can't lose weight. Last June I got insurance and went to the doctor. He told me that I have hypothyroidism. Meaning that I gain weight and have no control over it. Finding spark people has made my confidence go way up and I believe I can do this! All this time I focused my attention on my thyroid and feeling bad and ashamed that I gained weight! Not anymore! My focus is going to be Me from now on!

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