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SKILILY34 Posts: 479
8/4/09 12:27 P

I used to look at photos of myself and think "ugh, I look so old and fat". Then after a couple years I was looking back on some of the photos that I hated and I couldn't believe how young and thin I looked. It totaly made me laugh. Now I take lots of photos, and I think about how cute and hot I'll look to myself when I'm 80!

7/15/09 2:17 P

I used to feel the exact same way! I didnt want to be photographed and was always the one taking the pictures because I knew they didnt reflect how I felt about myself and my progress and they never seemed to "turn out". But, one day a few years ago I found old old pics of me and was impressed at how great I looked then! I know I didnt see them like that when I first saw the photos so it made me realize something. I am NEVER going to live up to my thought of myself. I am ALWAYS going to think I could look better and be better so why stress out sooo much about they way I look to the point of hiding and not enjoying the moment? I have since just put myself out there and into pics with my family and fiancee and have gotten some really great MEMORIES from it. I still may not like what I see all the time, but I sure like that I captured the moment. And, who knows, 10 years from now, I may look back and realize I'm not that bad now either--heehee!
Good luck everyone!

7/15/09 1:07 P

This happened with my engagement pictures about a month ago! I felt so pretty and skinny while taking them, but the photos I got back totally do no reflect that! It did help motivate me to start trying again, though!

7/10/09 9:52 A

I completely understand!

While the way I looked in pictures motivated me to start losing weight they ALSO now make me feel like I am making no progress. The whole thing can be frustrating anyway.

Sometimes I wish I could avoid having my picture taken until I really start to see big results!

ANGELA514 Posts: 28
7/5/09 1:52 P

OMG i was just looking at pictures taken of me and I couldnt believe it. I thought I was doing so good too but those pictures look so bad It makes me feel like I cant ever change. Im losing weight but I dont look different. I guess Im just going to try to stay positive I hope I just look good in the dress.

7/2/09 10:06 P

I feel the same about photos! But I just try to keep in mind that angles and lighting can make even thin people look bad--and the measurements/scale don't lie!

EAMURTH Posts: 4
7/2/09 8:23 P

I don't know what it is. I've been working hard and feeling good about my progress (as little as it is) until see recent pictures that were taken. Does anyone else feel that way? I am confident in my clothes, but looking a photo of myself I feel like it's a TOTALLY different person! I say to myself "that can't be me! That person looks 20lbs. heavier"!

I hate to beat myself up, but I can't help feel that way...

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