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2/4/13 1:37 P

I looked at your food tracker, I don't see very many fruits, veggies, whole grains or beans/lentils in your daily intake. I saw a fiber bar with 29 grams of fiber which could definately cause problems.

Are you tracking fiber? What is your daily intake? How much are you getting from "real foods" and how much from these "added fiber foods"???

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2/4/13 1:29 P

Since switching over to more of a maintenance mode, I've had to eat more- and that's correlated with an increase in fiber uptake. I haven't changed my fluid intake though, and it is making me feel... kind of "full". Not the "full" as in, you ate enough, but "full" as in, like my colon is literally full.

My weight crept up about a lb this week, despite still eating under maintenance, and I am attributing this to both water weight (due to the time in my cycle), and this feeling of "fullness." I know for a fact it is impossible for me to legitimately gain 0.7 lbs over the course of one day when I ate only ~1600 calories total that day, and yes... I have noticed a major change in my bowel habits, and it is frustrating.

I have had only the smallest (and most strained, which yes, is totally TMI) over the past few days, actually. I am getting frustrated with this as I have never had this problem before. I am normally very, very "normal" in my BMs. I've only had a few times where I had a problem similar (after eating way too much fiber... like 40+ grams a day), and then I took a laxative because it was actually quite painful. I was looking online and I know the Internet isn't always the greatest source of info, but it said actual constipation is when you don't poop at ALL for an extended period of time.

Is it normal to have this huge feeling of "full"ness with a constant increased fiber intake? I am used to be relatively "empty" instead- is this a body change I should just get used to, or will my body start to adjust and return to its normal state after a few weeks of eating like this, especially if I start drinking more? And until then... would it be OK to use something to help clean me out? I feel really sluggish and sick, actually, right now.

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