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6/12/13 12:20 P

Dragonchilde has a GREAT solution! Also, if your town has YMCA they have some day camps that last a few weeks. (some are all summer!) Also, lots of high schools do sports camps for kids. They are usually 2-4 hours, but hey, a break is a break! Just really do some research, and I bet that you would be able to find some things. Talk to area teachers, couselors, etc.

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6/12/13 12:17 P

I really loved this part of your reply:

"Hang in there. You will do this. Moms always do."

Thank you....

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6/12/13 11:37 A

Do you have Vacation Bible School (VBS) in your area? We have so many churches down here that we can go to a different one every week. I have two girls, 5 and 7, one of whom is ADHD. Getting them out of the house for a couple of hours, away from me, is critical for my sanity. I'm not joking, I have them signed up for 5 this summer. Maybe six, I haven't decided about next week's. ;) They get to make crafts, sing songs, make new friends, and even see some old ones.

Free babysitting. It's the only time of year my husband and I get date nights.

You need to get both of you out of the house. Go to museums. Arrange play dates. Go to the park. Get him involved in your exercise. Go for a walk together.

Hang in there. You will do this. Moms always do.

6/9/13 9:21 A

When I first started on the board I weighed in at almost 300 pounds and I was really motivated to do something different and make a difference for my health (I am an insulin diabetic) . And I am now at 234 which I do celebrate but the problem is that I have been at that weight for several months now - and I know in part it is the stress in my life that makes me "look for comfort" in food when I don't feel like I have someone to talk to. I work full time at a church and there has been almost 2 years and we lost of minister (dementia...he had been with us for 25 years and he was my best friend) and there has been lots of things said and done that have fractured our church so it is difficult some days to even want to walk in the door. And when those days happen I turn to the only comfort I know and that is food. I at least haven't gone up in weight but I need help to get back on track.

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6/9/13 9:00 A

what about some day camps? is there exercise that you could include him in? maybe WII sports? or swimming or.....just throwing ideas out as they pop into my head.

I have a severely physically disabled adult son who lives with us. and without his other live in caregivers I don't know what I would do. one of them has been out of town and I have had to be creative with exercise.

and while I totally understand that fat feeling, you have done great so far!!

6/8/13 6:07 P

the summer change in schedule is a challenge. I have two non driving teenagers, and I think I could spend my free time behind the wheel as their chauffeur. I work during the day, too. I have all these great plans for summer, and have tried to include them in the planning. I am parking the van, and making us take bikes everywhere ( it's a small town) except for grocery shopping. I except them to bike, too. I tried to incorporate them into healthy meal planning, but they are supper picky, and wont eat what I cook, prefer junk food. So I have decided that I am taking advantage of the summer heat and it's to hot to cook. Living on salads and sandwich.

is there a support group for parents of special kids that could provide respite?

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6/8/13 5:09 P

Summer break just started with my 10 year old he is a high maintenace , high functioning autistic boy with no friends but he wants friends not mom. I have as of today lost 30 pounds. Of course MY way of seeing it..I am still VERY fat and have a HUGE belly and what is the point I have 65 to go yet to get back to pre pregnancy weight. emoticon I feel like I haven't made a dent. I just want summer to be over. I am with this kid 24/7 5 days a week then work 2 12 hour shifts ont he weekend. I wont be able to exercise as much..getting him to move is a challenge. I just don't know how I will keep it up.

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