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KPA1B2 Posts: 785
11/13/13 6:53 P

So, it's been 3 days since I last worked out. I'm slowly starting to feel better, not quite as tired as I was. I'm really thinking that I have to slow down my exercise and not push so hard.

It's just difficult when I know that when I was exercising semi-regularly I could do cardio most days of the week. Now I can only walk.

I really want to lose this weight and shape up. Can I do that and only walk at a moderate pace?

KPA1B2 Posts: 785
11/11/13 8:16 P

Selenity, my last sleep study was in August.

Today I'm tired, but I didn't sleep well last night.

I think she did a pretty thorough blood work up in June. I'll see how things go. At least I'm not as exhausted as I was in June.

SELENITYLUNARE SparkPoints: (16,509)
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11/11/13 5:02 A


I would also consider consulting your physician about your CPAP settings. Perhaps you actually need a little more or a little less pressure to keep your oxygen levels at a point that your brain can get the rest it needs without working too hard.

Many of my patients that complain of this have not had a sleep test done in the past year, they go in for the test, and they end up having some adjustments made to their machine's settings.

Sleep Apnea can really be a terrible disease. It can literally be fatal if you are not compliant - but you are! :) So that is good. However, it can take quite a while for your body to get back into a normal rhythm. When I used to do Insanity I drank the recovery formula and that really helped me keep from being too tired. Maybe you can find something like it and try it?

Good luck!!!

SP_COACH_DEAN SparkPoints: (116,679)
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11/11/13 12:53 A

Hello again,

You could try a shorter workout without the elevation to see if that makes any difference. Maybe you just need to build up your endurance more slowly. But I still think something isn't quite right here, so if starting with a less challenging workout doesn't help, I think that it would be a good idea to be aggressive with your doctor in asking for help sorting out what the problem might be. The standard battery of blood tests doesn't always turn up the underlying problem (if there is one).

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

KPA1B2 Posts: 785
11/10/13 6:14 P

Today I did an elevation of 3.5, maybe a little less. I was walking just under 3 miles an hour. It's 6 hours later & I'm still tired.

When this started back in June, my doctor tested my blood. She did cholesterol, vitamin d, thyroid, iron, ferrin and I don't remember what else. The only thing that came back was that my cholesterol was elevated and my vitamin d was very low. I redid my blood work a couple of weeks ago and neither of those are a concern any more.

I just feel better if I don't do cardio on a regular basis.

OLGA18 SparkPoints: (23,901)
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11/10/13 4:12 P

I'm not a physician but it sounds like you should consult yours.
It doesn't seem as if that amount of exercise should be causing fatigue.
Perhaps something else going on like thyroid or something???
I hope you can get it figured out because it must be lousy to feel like that all the time....

SP_COACH_DEAN SparkPoints: (116,679)
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Posts: 15,290
11/10/13 3:20 P


Does it seem like the exercise itself is making your fatigue worse? If so, I think this is something you should discuss with your doctor. There could be something else going on besides the sleep apnea. 30 minutes of treadmill walking shouldn't normally cause that kind of reaction unless you're adding a lot of elevation or walking quite a bit faster than your normal walking pace. It sounds like the best thing would be to let the doc know what's going on, so the two of you can figure out whether you need to limit the amount or type of your activity.

Hope you feel better soon....

Coach Dean

MIA-MORSEL Posts: 791
11/10/13 3:12 P

I'm only a novice on SP but I'd NEVER do anything to the point of exhaustion. Exercise is fun for me and that's how I intend to keep it.

KPA1B2 Posts: 785
11/10/13 1:29 P

Some background information. In June I was exhausted, to the point that I couldn't move. She almost put me out of work on a medical leave. I toughed out the remaining 11 school days. Thankfully, I'm not in the classroom full time. My doctor advised me to walk at least 30 min. a day. When I first started, I couldn't do that much, just getting to the end of the block wore me out. I spent 1/2 of my summer sleeping, literally. I slept 11-12 hours nightly. During that time I was also diagnosed with sleep apnea. A couple of weeks after starting to use my cpap machine I started to feel better and started sleeping only 8-10 hours. I also gained 5 lbs this summer.

After school began I started doing Zumba & got serious about losing the 5 lbs I gained over the summer, plus the 12lbs I had slowly put on over the last 1 1/2. I was doing Just Dance 2 or 3 times a week plus Zumba. I got exhausted again. So I slowed down & stopped Zumba and just walked.

I started exercising again, this time on the treadmill & doing yoga on the wii fit. My aim is to do something 5-6 days out of the week. Am I doing too much? I walked for 30 min. on the treadmill this morning & I'm exhausted. I'm sleeping about 8 hours during the week & 10-11 on the weekends.

Oh & I'm not losing weight.

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