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10/15/12 7:46 A

I get this way sometimes.. and sometimes it is too late to know or relize what is truly going on.. and 9 out of 10 times it is because something is bothering me, stress, anger job, husband, I am a huge emotional eater..
but I have gotten better.. I do find if I blog about my feelings or get on spark to do some activites ..the feeling will go.. lately I have bee allowing my self to wait 30 minutes if I still want the food I am craving I write it down wait another 30 minutes and if I still want it. then I have a small amount and this has to relate to popcorn which I love.. I don't or won't eat junk food it is not in the house so if I a craving there is no waiting beause it is not around.
good luck..

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10/15/12 6:48 A

Urges for food can come from things other than stress or true hunger. Some of us have "happy" food urges. If we were rewarded when something good happened as children we will frequently carry that pattern into adulthood and want to eat when something good happens.

Then there is also the sugar/carb and insulin response that can lead to food urges. Some of us are more sensitive to this than others. If we have a snack or meal that is too high in carbs and or sugars our body will release large amounts of insulin to handle the load. Then the carb is taken care of but the excess insulin is still "looking for action" and so we feel the urge to give our bodies more carbs.

Bottom line, you may very well be a happy person with eat-y issues......

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10/15/12 12:37 A

Thanks for that definition. I get that instantaneous hunger pretty often. I never realized that it was emotional hunger. I consider myself pretty happy, not "emotional" so I would not have pinned it on that but I guess subconsciously I still have feelings /stress even if I'm happy.

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10/10/12 12:24 P

Quick way to tell emotional vs physical hunger:

Physical hunger is gradual. It slowly builds as you get more hungry. You might be craving a certain type of food (salty, savory, sweet) but you'll settle for a variety of options.

Emotional hunger is instantaneous. It is an urgent craving for a specific food.

If you're feeling "eat-y", it sounds like you're looking for something to fill a different need than physical hunger. Try to figure out what it is. Are you bored? Lonely? Tired? Stressed? Once you pinpoint why you feel that way, you can identify more appropriate ways to cope with the actual issue. Hope that helps!

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10/10/12 12:12 P


Sure, this is something that happens to us all. If you are "genuinely" hungry, have something to eat. It's possible you didn't eat enough earlier and your body is still craving calories for energy. Try having a piece or two of fruit. Fruit is loaded with fiber and eating foods that are high in fiber helps to keep us full for longer. If you don't have any fruit, snack on some nuts. a bit of protein helps too.

Now, if you think you ate enough, but still seem hungry... try having a BIG glass or two of water. Some times hunger isn't hunger, but thirst. go have some water.

If you're bored, then you need to find something to keep yourself busy. When our brains are engaged, we don't think about food.

10/10/12 12:00 P

Do you ever feel like you're just hungry even though you've eaten (enough) plenty of calories? That's how I feel right now and I want to binge, but I know that I won't like the way I feel afterwards. I'm planning on drinking a lot of water and for now, staying on track. Keep me strong!

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