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2/1/13 4:21 P

so am I

1/31/13 9:18 P

I know my weight loss is actually really good for the amount of time and amount of weight I want to lose. I need to stop comparing myself to others! Plus, I feel guilty for eating things like rice now!

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1/30/13 8:58 A


My concern is not with your weight loss, but with the others...weight loss is much faster than fat loss, which takes much longer. To lose one pound of fat requires a caloric deficit of 3500 calories. I can easily drop 3 pounds if I go out for a run on a hot summer day--that does not mean I lost 3 pounds of fat, but 3 pounds of fluid. Also studies have shown that the slower a person loses weight the more likely they are to make this a lifestyle and not just a quick means to get to a goal weight, only to find themselves back to square one on January 1st.

You are doing just fine!!!

Coach Nancy

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1/30/13 8:37 A

I try other means to measure progress when this happens. Not losing weight? But how are your clothes fitting? Or do you take measurements - waist, hip, thigh, etc. - once a month? If your clothes are fitting better or the tape measure indicates that you are losing inches, then losing the pounds aren't as important. Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat and those other measures might indicate that your are still making progress even though the scale isn't showing it. Keep Sparking!

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1/30/13 8:29 A

Hello CC,

It works best for me to simply make a fresh resolve and move on with affirming thoughts and intentions from this moment forward. (A reboot of my goals for a healthy lifestyle)

"The most important relationship you will have in your life is not with your spouse, partner, children or parents. It is your thoughts. Your thoughts are you most intimate companion. They will plant the landscape of your life - select them with care." Mel Schwartz


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1/30/13 5:54 A

I've been doing a challenge at my gym for the past few weeks. At first I was doing great. I didn't feel hungry, I was avoiding the foods I wasn't supposed to eat. But while I lost 4 pounds over 3 weeks, other participants lost 10 to 15 pounds! I know that shouldn't discourage me (especially since I don't have much to lose), but it really did and I ended up cheating on the challenge for the past few days :(

What do you do when you feel discouraged by your progress?

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