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12/4/11 8:38 A

Do you think you have SADD?

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12/4/11 7:06 A


The holiday season can be a very emotional time of the year for many people. The loss of sunshine can cause seasonal disorders i.e. an increase in depression. You do the best you can. We all have days when we just aren't feeling the love. Just put this day behind you and look forward to a better day tomorrow.

If you're having cravings, now is the time to nourish your body with wholesome foods. try not to dive into the junk because that could make any depression you're experiencing worse. excess sugar has been linked to mood disorders.

Try not to worry, I'm sure your blues will pass. Just think of all the GOOD things that are happening in your life right now. that's what matters most.


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12/4/11 4:43 A

Hang on in there! You are not alone! I am up and haven't been able to sleep myself. Tomorrow is the beginnng of another day... a NEW day. Just keep in mind that "This too shall pass." It's what I telli myself in order to be self-motivated and to get through emotional ups and downs. A cup of tea sounds good. I think I will make myself a cup as well. God Bless.

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12/4/11 1:25 A

The blues hit me hard tonight, out of nowhere! I'm just writing this to get my thoughts out because that always helps. I haven't figured out what's bothering me yet but more importantly is that I need to stay away from bad habits right now. I secretly want salted caramel ribbon ice cream, a box of donuts or some chocolate. I'm having tea. I need to get enough sleep tonight so I'm.not too tired to go to the gym tomorrow, that should lift my spirits. I have no real reason to be sad. Really fighting cravings badly.

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