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EKLGUTH Posts: 9
11/8/12 7:35 P

Thanks.... Yeah its hard. Def could use a talk buddy to help! I am trying to do more of life change then a diet. So I do allow myself a treat but I watch my portions...but when Im stressed my stomach takes over.

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11/7/12 2:47 A

Do you allow yourself the foods you love during the day?

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11/6/12 9:21 P

Eklguth, I am going through the same thing with emotional eating and I totally understand how tough it can feel when you don't feel like you have much support. If you want to, I'd love to talk sometime and maybe we can help each other out! We CAN get through this! :)

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11/6/12 8:45 P

People tend to do a lot of things to avoid what they are feeling. It is very important to realize that doing anything negative will make things worse. Next time, do some exercise, drink some water, call a friend, post here, take a walk etc. There are a lot of good articles on dealing with stress on sparkpeople. I am not a Doctor.

EKLGUTH Posts: 9
11/6/12 7:21 P

I was going great for a few weeks..then I got sick and Im back at the Fat girl feeling. I just want to eat. I have all the stress and I know I eat most when I am home. I work all week and my husband is disabled so he is home and takes care of our 8yr and 9month old. Im not going to go into all my problems when I know alot of people have the same issues but I eat my stress. My days start off good and I wake up and work out and all day I do good at work...but when I get home it is soooo hard. My husband doesnt help...he is not big and he always that all ur eating. Do u want a snack...etc.ect My daughter is very skinny and we feed her to help her gain weight. I just wish I had the support and someone to help.

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