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Sounds like you are not eating enough to support weight loss from maternal fat stores for energy. While we totally understand why you don't want to use Babyfit, the recommendations at SparkPeople do not apply. Most breastfeeding moms need at least 1800 calories just to keep up with breastfeeding and typical day to day stuff. If you have great metabolism from regularly working out prior to baby, you will need more than that. Exercise causes you to need more on top of that. Some active breastfeeding moms find they need to eat close to 3000 calories with regular exercise to maintain their milk supply AND slowly lose weight.

This article from Babyfit will help with the explanation why.

Getting Back to Your Pre-Pregnancy Weight While Breastfeeding

So, you may want to reset your Sparkpeople program for weight maintenance and get those calorie recommendations and then add 300 calories to the top and bottom of what Spark calculates for maintenance for pregnancy/breastfeeding to give you a starting point. To that you will want to add exercise calories on the days you exercise (usually about 100 per 15 minutes of exercise).

Coach Tanya

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It can take as much as 6-8 weeks for healthy lifestyle changes to show up on the scale. With only 15 pounds to lose, it's going to be a slow process for you. We can safely attempt to lose about 3% of our goal each week, so you're looking at around 1/2 lb to at most 1 lb a week (and honestly, 1 lb will be tough.)

Stress can absolutely cause all kinds of issues with weight loss. If you're constipated, that too can mask fat loss.

You also mention that you're nursing; many nursing moms find that as long as they're nursing, their body likes to hold on to a few extra pounds for milk production. It's frustrating, but common and normal. Make sure you don't cut so low as 1300 calories; that can absolutely sabotage your supply!

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The same thing happened to me after I had my first baby. I went three weeks without losing a GRAM. I was almost starting to hope I'd GAIN weight just to see a different number on the scale. It takes the body time to adjust after having a baby. Continue eating and exercising sensibly and you'll see results. It takes longer after you've had a baby, but just hang in there. Don't make changes, just continue doing the right thing.

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Ok, this is going to be a long one: I have a 7 month old baby and I am trying to lose the last 15 pounds of baby weight. (No, I do not want to use the sparkbaby website, the tracker is completely separate) After my previous baby, I went on SP and lost over 25 pounds-not including the baby weight, not easily, but it steadily came off. I have been carefully tracking for over 3 weeks, and I have NOT LOST ONE POUND. I am just hovering at 149-150-151. I am SO frustrated! I have tried adding calories in case I needed more for nursing, and I've tried going lower- I've gone up to 1800 calories a day, and down to 1300. My husband even took away the scale because I was getting so upset! A few factors that may be a problem: I am constipated (sorry for TMI) from a very stressful time at work, but still, I should lose something! I took a few pregnancy tests in case that was the problem, and nada. Does stress cause water retention? This is my fourth baby and after the first 3 the weight eventually came off- I was never stuck like this! Any encouragement or ideas would be appreciated please!!!

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