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11/10/12 8:04 P

Hi, Buffy! You said, "I really need some encouragement to help me stay positive in this situation that is outside of my control." There, my friend, is the answer. This IS out of your control. You need to focus on what IS in your control, namely, what you put into your mouth and do with your body. Stay focused on what you CAN control and life will come easier and stress will fall away. I speak from experience! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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11/9/12 5:00 P

Stay positive AZUREBREEZES. You can do it!!

emoticon emoticon

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11/7/12 7:45 P

It sounds like you have A LOT of stress on your shoulders and some serious troubles you're going through. Continuing to take the right action can help if you have patience (just wrote a blog entry about my total lack of patience, so I'm not one to advise on HOW to have patience) but I wanted to share that I'm on week 3 of Spark's stress busting challenge and I have picked up some tools that really help. I have, by no means, busted stress, but stresses will always occur and I have found some simple tricks that help a little, and the fact that I have some tricks up my sleeve helps a lot! Maybe the program could help you, too!

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11/6/12 6:14 A

Hi Buffy - I feel your frustrations. I will suggest tho' that you look at it like this:

If you eat a healthy, balanced diet and you get the exercise, then you are doing all YOU can for your body and your overall health. You understand the reason for the weight-gain and the bloating etc. Sometimes it is best to just understand that, relax (as much as possible) and allow the Doctors to deal with the medical. Make sure that you have someone to talk with about your frustrations etc. If you aren't seeing a Therapist, please ask your Dr for a referral to one.

Have you spoken with your Drs about the medication/weight gain? If not, it would pay to because there may possibly be something else that they can give you that doesn't have this affect.

Where it comes to your pain, have you tried Acupuncture for it?. It is often very successful for pain, and actually for a lot of conditions. I have had it myself for Essential Tremors because I am unable to take medication for it. It helped a lot with stress too. In fact, more than once when I went to the Dr who performed the Acupuncture, I was a right mess emotionally. He helped with that, too. I have pain issues (Arthritis of the spine and scoliosis, and at the time also pain from fractured ribs and clavicle) and he would put needles in to help with that, also.

Therapists can also be used successfully to help manage pain as well. The Medical Acupuncture and Therapy are non-invasive/non-medication ways of dealing with something, so may well be worth looking at for you.

ARCHIMEDESII has given your some very good advice where it comes to distraction techniques.

Best wishes,
Kris xx

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11/6/12 5:02 A

Hi, Buffy !

Your medical situation makes it difficult to lose weight, but not impossible. Remember, this isn't a diet. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is learning how to take care of your body. Weight loss isn't just about cutting calories. We need to take care of our insides. Because when our insides are healthy, that reflects on our outsides.

When you're stressed out and feel like you want to take a nose dive into comfort foods, consider taking a walk instead. Walking is not only great cardiovascular exercise, it's a great way to reduce stress. I'm a firm believer that stress is a neglected aspect of weight gain. if a person could reduce their stress. They'd automatically reduce their waistline.

There are better ways to cope with stress that don't involve food. try a bubble bath. try listening to relaxing music. try a hobby. in fact, I'm encouraging you to take up a hobby like knitting, sewing, painting, etc... do something crafty that keeps your mind and fingers active. Because when your mind is busy, you won't think about food. having a hobby is another good way to relax and relieve stress. You might want to read some of the great spark articles on emotional eating.

Mostly, you do have to listen to your doctors since they are there to help get you well again. I know taking the medication is making you bloat as well as depressed, but every little bit DOES make a difference. If the only healthy thing you were to do for yourself today was drink 8 glasses of water, that's still a step in the right direction.

And that's what you're trying to do, take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.


11/6/12 2:43 A

I have Complex Endometrial Hyperplasia that is causing me to lose too much iron due to blood loss. I have had to go to the hospital two times for iron infusions because eating iron rich foods and taking three prescription strength iron supplements are not helping me due to the blood loss. Even with medication I have been bleeding for 8 weeks. I am in pain and frustrated. I have been seeing my doctor and specialists. The medication they give me causes negative moods and weight gain. I really feel that these are huge obstacles to my weight loss. I crave comfort foods because of the stress of my situation. My weight has been going up because I am bloated this whole time. I feel miserable and I am taking pain pills all the time.

I am trying to keep my spirits up by reading The Spark Book and The Spark Cookbook. I also just got my FitBit last Friday and I have been using it. I track all my food and Fitbit tracks all of my steps. I am trying so hard to stay positive, but lately this situation has been stressing me out.

I really need some encouragement to help me stay positive in this situation that is outside of my control.

Thanks in advance,

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