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HAPPYLISA17 Posts: 213
9/28/13 9:45 A

Hi Feelingnotsohot: Whoa! I went through the same thing as you. Spent pretty much a year in bed depressed, when I am usually a happy person. I had no idea what happened to me and when you talk about "the ugly face of depression', that is so true. Like you, I chose not to medicate and am doing much better now thanks to exercise. I quit my job as it was a huge trigger in my depression, so I am also dealing with being broke, but at least I am getting my sanity back - you can too! Drop me a line and keep your chin up. So glad you are here because you would be amazed in the idea that you are not alone!!!

BILL60 Posts: 974,624
9/28/13 7:38 A

Welcome to SP. I too was in the mortgage business for many years. You sound like a tough lady. Put your mind to it and anything's possible. Good luck!!


RASPBERRY56 SparkPoints: (255,750)
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9/28/13 7:15 A

I see you're on the "Dealing With Depression" team (I am, as well).........good move for you to seek support from like-minded folks!

Welcome and best wishes!

SUZIPAM1 Posts: 1,464
9/28/13 7:05 A

i read your whole mail. it was very sad. i feel your pain and know what it is like to be so lonely and sad. we all have then when we get the typical slumps -that society does not tell us about in the movies or in the ads we watch all the time - but but what ever means you get to pulling your self on to the long road to recovery means you are getting on with life. its never over its just a little further behind us. i cant imagine what it must be like with kids on drugs but the rest i can listen to if you if you want to talk. I found God in all my mess and He really helped me in all things i never knew my hurt was so across the board or so deep til i dealt with it. I hope you have a better day Suzi

JANET552 Posts: 30,331
9/28/13 7:01 A

emoticon You can do it!! You sound like you are a very strong person so I know you can do what you set your mind to. I think motivation is made up of controlling your environment. Arrange things to help you stay on track.

DIVAGLOW SparkPoints: (560,064)
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9/28/13 1:46 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon WELCOME TO SPARK!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
Congrats on taking the first step into changing your life to a more healthier one by joining the site. Spark is filled with amazing people that will motivate, support and encourage you on your journey. There is so much to learn and discover here, take this one day at a time. A couple of things I would like to suggestion to make you Spark experience a great one.

1. Make goals for yourself. Each month I make a list of what I want to accomplish that month and break them down to smaller goals to work with week by week. This way the BIG picture doesn't seem so big.

2. Join Spark teams. There are tons of teams here and you will be able to find ones that fit to what you like or want in a team.

The key to success here is to be active and you've already started by joining. You will find that everyone is willing to help you out if you need it. Spark friends are here for support, motivation and encouragement. Good luck on your journey to a healthier lifestyle! Again, welcome to the SP family!
*~ Paula *~
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

DELIA38961 SparkPoints: (37,314)
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9/27/13 4:24 P

hi welcome this site is great for motivation and encouragement emoticon

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9/27/13 3:06 P

Hello, ok, this is a little strange to me. I am not a shy person, I love audience, so Hello SparkPeople. This website was introduced to me by a friend and co-worker. I am in the mortgage banking business, mostly a desk job, but do run around quite alot. I am very active/outdoorsy type of person.
After two years of battling depression and surviving a divorce, single mom, staying broke, stressed, son heroin drug addiction, I am not dead or incarcerrated, therefore, the cliche saying "That Does not Kill us Makes us Stronger" is ringing true.
I have also decided to tackle this depression issue myself, not medicating myself, getting a grip, noticing the signs, and beating the crap out of it and daring it to show it's ugly face to me again. I am lacking self control in the eating area, just me mostly, diet has been whatever i want to eat and whenever since my seperation, my kids are grown, grocery shopping and dinner making has come to an unbelievable hault. I NEED A control, mentally. I have a gym membership, i just keep putting off going, I love being active, im just too tired... Im ready for this...
This was for me to uncover, not a pity party, i know there is going to be a light at the end of the tunnell, and its not going to be the Crazy Train.

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