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9/16/13 11:25 A

Yay for you! emoticon

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9/13/13 9:54 A

ANNAERA, ain't it great: you being the manager instead of your food. You are so on the right track. I know you know this, but the Nutrition Tracker is a must. You gotta make it your BFF. Seriously, you must acquire a healthy addiction to it. That's my Sparkpeep formula for success.

Spark On!

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9/13/13 4:11 A

I hit my goal for calories burned and exceeded my goal for fitness minutes this week, AND managed to stay in my calorie range for almost two weeks in a row now. So proud of myself!

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9/12/13 4:03 P

My spark is burning. Hurt my back and took a day off from working out yesterday, back on it today. Worked out in the garden for 20 minutes, burned 180 calories! Hard work out there!

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9/9/13 11:40 A

Good for you! Keep that Spark burning!!!

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9/9/13 12:38 A


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9/8/13 6:51 P

Here! And instead of spamming the board with threads I'll post something I'm proud of in this one. Today I burned off breakfast warming up with the warmup from my aerobics vid and then working in the garden for an hour. I was tilling the soil and pulling up weeds (often at the same time) so it was hard work. I'm tired! But I burned all 400 calories of breakfast with that and the workout I did earlier. Hooray! Looking forward to homemade sweet potato stuffed ravioli. ^^

9/8/13 2:34 P

Good for you. Here is to many more accomplishments.

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9/8/13 1:19 A

Accomplished so much walking this week! Feels great to be doing a routine again and doing what I love; working with kids....
Went out shopping and such with family and still kept my calories in check!!

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9/7/13 9:50 P

Also, want to mention, I met my weekly fitness goal this week! It's a big deal for me because of the fact that up until recently I hated exercise...I still somewhat see it as a means to an end, but it's hard not to get hooked on the feeling of accomplishment you get when you see your numbers lining up at the end of the week.

"I can choose to remain fat and unhappy, or I can choose things that are uncomfortable now but will become easy later, challenging myself every step of the way." I'm stepping up!

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9/6/13 6:32 P

It was amazing...they were jerk vegetable sandwiches and they hit the spot PERFECTLY! Open faced, a 2 oz slice of french bread with mango chutney, muenster, sauteed spiced onions red peppers and zucchini topped with gourmet salad greens we got on sale for $1.50.

The veggies were marinated in thyme, cinnamon, allspice, cayenne, black pepper, salt, vinegar and olive oil for 2 hours and then sauteed for about 5 minutes. I toasted the bread, spread a tbsp of the chutney on, topped with thin muenster slices and melted the cheese, then piled on a half cup of sauteed veggies and a quarter of the salad. YUM! I was shocked at how filling the 300 calorie dish was despite how small it looked at first. Had leftovers for breakfast this morning.

With experiments like this, I could eat this way my whole life!

9/6/13 8:44 A

Congrats on your choices and goals! BTW, your food sounds wonderful! Blessings on your journey to fitness!

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9/5/13 11:25 P

Today I made the conscious choice to take control of my health. Today I accepted the fact that I am always one choice away from getting back on track and the only person putting food in my mouth is me.

And today I enjoyed every luscious bite of my planned meals and snacks. It was amazing! I've been experimenting with peasant cuisine from around the world and the vegetarian stew I made last night was the perfect lunch today. I feel good, I'm in my calorie ranges, and my veggie sandwich dinner from Cooking Light sounds more amazing the closer I get to it.

I'm loving cooking, my new job, and life. I know it won't always be this way. I know how I posted about what torture tracking is and I may slip into that thinking again. But I have a plan for that, and this time I'm safeguarding against this sort of behavior and thinking. I will bloody do this one day at a time, and so far I am loving it!

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