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1/22/12 1:42 P

I have experienced this, also. I am hearing it everywhere. You have to realize that we are in the end days. The rapture is near and the tribulation period is close to happening. I am not saying I know a date, but with everything the Bible points to the signs of the times. Matthew 24:12 KJV "And because iniquity (sin) shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." This means that the church in a whole will become cold in the worship of God, their witness for Christ, and love for each other during the revelation. I think we are near this and the church is already showing strong signs of becoming cold. This doesn't mean everyone in the church is like that right now. There is always a few that are still worship God as He expects us to. There are still a few that shows the love of Christ to other. Hang in there! There are loving Christians out there, just hard to find. Many believe we are in the age of the Laodicean Church an example of an uncaring church. Read Revelation 3:14-22. Remember the church of our Lord isn't a building, but are the true Christians that make up the body of Christ. Ask God to help you find caring fellow Christians. Sometimes they are as close as home. Even here on this blog! Don't let the devil discourage you. Be careful putting to much confidence in mankind, Psa. 118:8. We all do have a sin nature after all. We are saved by the Grace of God and that is the thing that makes us different from a lost world. But we are still able to do things of the flesh. God gives us the will to choose right or wrong. If we choose wrong He gives us Phil. 1:9. So if another Christian offends you, remember they are flesh and they can be fallible. No doubt some Christians can be appalling at times. All of us can! We might not even know we are. Pray for them and move on. If you don't, then anger and resentment might set in. I know this because I have been there and done that. It isn't pretty! It gives the devil a stronghold in our lives, which will rob us of our Christian joy. Take time to look over the good that you have to enjoy, because of God. Make a list! Then guard those blessing with all your spirit. Don't let the devil rob you of them. God will place someone in your life, just ask Him for a good Christian friend or a group of Christian friends. Phil 4:19 Will pray for you.

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Hi Trigfrost - I agree with you. When I got saved, I had a mentor. What happened, he decided he couldn't do anymore for the church. SSSSSooooooooo, he pulled up stakes and left. I went to another church and asked for prayers when my husband went for MAJOR surgery. What did he do, he took a van load of church goers out to lunch. I went to another church, a Bible teaching church and felt like an ice cube. No one was firendly, no one wanted to talk to you or even acknowledge you went there. Wow, that's a great perspective for ALL these chruches isn't it. Good luck on trying to find a friend. This day and age, it is hard to come by one.

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I know how you're feeling. I get annoyed by the same thing, which is why I have exactly 2 friends. You know...people I could call if I needed help and it would be unflinchingly offered. I eschewed organized religion many years ago because...

"Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car." G.K.Chesteron

The quote is not directed at you Trigfrost but, rather, at those who pretend to be Christians.

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1/12/12 1:10 P

When Church Friends are suppose to be your Friends, then not do anything but what they want to do...Why do they call them-self your family... I really get tired of the games people play, I know we all are busy and have family's but if you say you are wanting to be friends --then be
a friend for Heavens sake....give and take...that's what I thought a good Friend would be to you...wrong.wrong.wrong.....People are so selfish and uncaring these days...

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