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3/6/13 6:25 P

I went to this thread because I feel exactly the same right now. Lotus, thank you for saying exactly what I needed to hear. I've been within 2-4 pounds of the same weight for 5 weeks now and it has been eating at me emotionally, so today I decided to put the scale away for a whole month (I'm a daily weigher right now....bad, I know). We'll see how it goes, I just hope that at the end of a month I'm pleasantly surprised.

INNERBEAUTY78 Posts: 217
3/6/13 12:10 P

Thank you everyone for being so supportive. I needed that.

LOTUS737 Posts: 4,006
3/6/13 11:37 A

Also, your weight isn't accurate immediately post-workout :) I think all of us trying to lose weight can definitely understand your feelings- three weeks ago I had lost a pound, then two weeks ago I started a new, more intense strength routine... and my weight was up 3 lb the first week and 2 lb this week! Wrong direction, right? It helps me to tell myself that working out is making me healthier regardless, and if I've tracked my food I know that I didn't eat enough to gain that weight and that it'll adjust back down eventually. Keep at it, keep eating healthy and working out and making healthy choices, and the weight will come off! And don't get on the scale too often! Aim for once a month (which I can't stick to...I end up weighing myself at least once a week- something I'm still working on!).

You can do this. Yes it is frustrating that we have made unhealthy choices and gotten ourselves into a situation where we have to work our butts off to lose weight- but you know, we just may end up healthier in the long haul by learning to make healthy choices and be ACTIVE!

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3/6/13 7:36 A

Well. If it was a scale-type thing that told you body fat etc. Those things are notoriously wrong. I think a scale is best used to only measure your weight. I think they added all those other things, just to get people to buy their product. Whether the info is wrong or not. I use my scale at home and never step on anybody else's (except the doctor's office when they make me).

I agree-- walk right past it.

INNERBEAUTY78 Posts: 217
3/5/13 6:05 P

Thank you so much for your kind words and for the laugh at the end. I'll just take it one day at a time and try to stay positive. Hugs!

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3/5/13 5:40 P

I wish I could hug you. I have felt totally defeated, many times.

That gadget that measured you doesn't know you. Maybe you have a fight and determination in you that it doesn't know. It also doesn't know how awesome you felt after your Zumba class.

Please, don't get down on yourself- but get up on yourself. Make this a great day, and make tomorrow another one. You did Zumba (something I'm totally afraid of doing because I am so awkward and uncoordinated, so I am jealous of you!) and you took another step in the right direction.

Stay away from that ugly, rude thing that measured you by numbers, and not by your brain and heart. You KNOW you've got this. Next time after Zumba, walk by that thing and give it the finger.

emoticon emoticon

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3/5/13 5:08 P

After Zumba yesterday I went next door to take advantage of a free Herbalife smoothie. Next thing I know I'm standing on this scale that tells me everything there is to know about how fat and unhealthy I am. Now I feel totally defeated and it seems like the weight can't come off quick enough. Aside from the fact that my metabolic age is 88 years old (my grandma’s age) I've also gained 50 pounds in the last three years. I won’t even get into what percentage of my body is all fat. How sad is that? I don’t know why I do this to myself. This sucks!

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