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10/1/13 1:48 P

You say the Gym was really "Hot"...Prolonged & excessive exercise causes dehydration.

When the body heats up, it uses its own water supply to cool down, resulting in the loss of water. You may think you drank enough..... but dehydration often mimics that of general illness and when activity takes place in high temperatures it worse. WHEN YOUR DEHYDRATED YOUR BODY WANTS TO HOLD ON TO THE FLUIDS AND THAT'S WHAT CAUSES BLOAT & PUFFINESS....also a high intake of carbs can increase water retention. Salty foods can do the same.

I doubt if the Chamomile tea was the cause....drink water before, during, and after exercise...

If you are thirsty all the time....get checked for Insulin that is one of the first signs of pre-diabetes.

You may even be hypoglycemic....most individuals who are drink natural Orange Juice 4-8 oz. is great for when blood sugar is really low and we need to raise his levels quickly.

Please see a medical professional for individual advice as this is not intended as medical advice.

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OAKDALE41 Posts: 973
10/1/13 11:53 A

I drank the water over a 45 minute period. I do get the feeling sometimes, even when I am thirsty, that if I drink straight water I will throw up. Sometimes I need add a little orange juice to the water to be able to drink it.

Usually when I have had a particularly stressful day or a late workout, I like to have tea while I watch TV for half an hour. It helps me unwind before I go to bed.

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10/1/13 11:13 A

You might have swallowed a lot of air when you drank your water during your workout on accident. I know that if I drink water through a water bottle (either the squeeze kind or the ones with a straw (I try to use reusable bottles)) I swallow a TON of air and that leaves me feeling bloated. I've also noticed that if I drink a lot of water in a short amount of time, I feel sick as well. How quickly did you drink the 16oz of water? That could be that cause of you feeling bloated/sick.

Two more questions, how long have you been having a cup of tea before bed? Have you ever gotten this feeling before after drinking tea before bed?

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10/1/13 10:44 A

The whole 8 glasses of water thing/day isn't really a hard number. Along with the water that we drink, a lot of foods have high water content as well that our bodies extract and use as well, hence the idea of only drinking when you're thirsty.

OAKDALE41 Posts: 973
10/1/13 10:40 A

I wasn't thirsty. Just enjoy a cup of tea in the evening and it helps to get all the water in that I need to consume in a day.

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10/1/13 10:34 A

This might be a case of just listening to your body and what it wants vs following a habit. Tea before bed is a great ritual, but did you drink the tea because you were thirsty or because its a habit that you follow?

OAKDALE41 Posts: 973
10/1/13 10:00 A

I had a full 16 oz of water during my workout last night because the gym was really hot. Then in the evening around 8:30pm I had a cup of cammomile tea. The tea really made me feel sick and bloated. Like I had too much water to drink. Why?

I love a relaxing cup of tea about an hour before I go to bed. Any suggestions?

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