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4/9/13 8:44 P

Thanks for responding. I have not had my fat percentage checked. It's a visual scope thing for me, and I have some extra padding. I'm small boned and very short, and every body carries weight differently. Unfortunately mine doesn't carry it very well. I am being healthy in my attempts to get fit and lose weight; no crazy diets or anything. :)

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4/9/13 5:20 P

Since you're *already* on the low end of a healthy BMI, and your goal is at the very borderline of healthy for your height, I think you are going to continue to struggle. 90 puts you at 18.8 BMI, which is borderline too thin. 88 would put you at 18.4 - underweight, and unhealthy.

There's a certain point where weight is no longer a helpful goal when determining w hat looks good and what is healthy. When you're within 5 lbs of your goal weight, it's also helpful to have your body fat percentage checked, both to make sure you aren't aiming for something that's too thin. And there are times when you can lose body fat, but not see the scale move.

Have you had that checked (using skin calipers by a trained pro, not one of those scales?)

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4/9/13 4:33 P

I'm at that point too where I'm at a "healthy" weight for my body but I still see room for improvement for the mirror. I've discovered that shifting my focus from the scale to the gains I see in my fitness and the 'toned-ness' of my body helps me get out of the rut.

4/9/13 3:56 P

Thanks for the feedback. I'm sorry to be whiny, but it's frustrating to hit the roadblock ya know? I'm 4'10...and my current weight, and goal weight are both considered "healthy".
I thought I added my height. My bad! Sorry to alarm anyone.

I love all types of bodies, but with my own I don't feel good until it's on a the thinner side. I once weighed 88, and I thought I looked fine and healthy at that.

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4/9/13 3:01 P

The OP can't be serious

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With that little to lose, you will not lose it quickly. At 5 lbs to go, *assuming* that this is a safe, healthy weight for you, and that your body's willing to get there, at *most* y ou're looking at .15-.25 lb per week. That's POINT 15, not 1.5 or 1 lb. Tha'ts right, a tenth to a quarter of a pound. It's going to take you longer than a month to lose 5 lbs. You simply aren't fat enough to lose faster.

What is your current height? I would consult your doctor to see if your weight loss goal is reasonable and attainable. Based on your user pictures, you are already at a low body weight and body fat percentage.

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4/9/13 2:50 P

How tall are you? being under 100 pounds can be very unhealthy if you're above a certain height. Have you spoken with your doctor about your goals?

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4/9/13 12:16 P

I would seek a doctor. 95lbs is a really low weight and is not healthy at all..

Good luck

4/8/13 4:57 P

I'm feeling a little annoyed right now. I'm trying to get "better"; taking luvoc cr, vitamins, exercising often, trying to eat healthier, but I still have this block. This wall. I have been trying to lose weight, but I've only managed a couple pounds.

My goal is to weigh 95 in just under a month, but considering how long it's taken me to go from 103 to 100, I'm having my doubts about whether or not I can achieve this.


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